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Porn complaints decrease since Hayden Library installed filters

ASU police have seen a significant drop in calls related to pornography since filters were installed on many of the University's library computers last semester, officials said. So far this school year, ASU Department of Public Safety has not handled any cases involving child pornography on a library computer, said Sgt. Jim Hardina, investigations unit supervisor for the department.

In spring 2005, the semester before the filters were installed, the department arrested two individuals for viewing child pornography, Hardina added. DPS does not track calls related to the viewing of adult pornography, as it is not a criminal act, Hardina said.

Take a number

It's the beginning of pre-registration for fall 2006 and the hall outside of the College of Nursing advising office is lined with students waiting to see one of four full-time advisers. Deborah Hull is in her office, door closed, working through her lunch hour, again. She has e-mails to answer and phone calls to return before facing the line of students and their endless questions.

Pizza draws crowd to diversity fair

Free pizza and soda helped attract more than 150 people to Tuesday's Defining Diversity fair, which highlighted the variety of people at ASU.

Student groups gear up for November elections

Most ASU students are daydreaming of the freedom that summer vacation will bring, but others have planned for a busy summer helping candidates campaign for the November elections.

Barrett back to form

Safety Josh Barrett makes a catch during practice at the Bill Kajikawa football practice facility Tuesday. Barrett has battled injuries his last two seasons.
Junior safety Josh Barrett had every reason take off his pads and give up -- well, at least two reasons.

Coming off two shoulder surgeries, the soon-to-be junior was forced on the sidelines during spring football drills the past two years. Last season, he was unable to participate in contact drills through the 10 days of Camp Tontozona and eventually lost his starting role to senior safety Zach Catanese. Now, fully recovered, Barrett is ready to make up for lost time and show off a talent he said wasn't at full strength last year.

Baseball: Club off to good start after sweeping first conference series

When Jason Clark, a transfer student from Utah State came to ASU last year, it did not take much time for him to make an immediate impact on campus.

Political Passion

On the cover
Sitting in an office in his campaign headquarters in Scottsdale, Len Munsil looks like the consummate politician. He wears a black suit, with a navy tie over his white collared shirt. Every hair on his head is in place. He crosses one leg over the other as he leans back in his chair. He slowly taps his fingers on the desk as he thinks, planning out the precise order of words before he speaks.

Looking around the office, there is no indication Munsil is gearing up for the biggest race of his life. Munsil, 42, hopes to win the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. If he wins the primary in September, he will face current Democratic governor Janet Napolitano in November.

At the Door: Fake Out

If you want to enjoy the social scene of Arizona's hottest bars and clubs, being under the age of 21 can be frustrating.

Having a fake ID is a popular option for underage drinkers. But, is it worth it?

Racked: Promising Print

With all the construction on campus for buildings dedicated to science, most people know about the University's intentions to become a major scientific research center. What many people are unaware of, however, are the efforts of a few undergraduates to showcase the more creative elements present at ASU. Such efforts have included the founding of two magazines focusing on the literary and artistic talents of ASU undergraduates Lux and Marooned.
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