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Congress looks at higher education

A bill that passed Congress Wednesday would reauthorize the Higher Education Act, which expanded federal student loan and grant aid programs. But a new provision of the bill could censor student conversations and freeze student financial-aid levels, lobbyists said.

Congress passed House Resolution 609 as an amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965, which must be reauthorized every five years. A section of the bill, called the Student Speech and Association Rights Provision, could restrict students' free speech, said Serena Unrein, director of the Arizona Students Association.

Activists take back the day

A chain of plastic, human-shaped cutouts stretched across Hayden Lawn Monday, attracting glances from passers-by.

The cutouts, which represented people affected by sexual violence, were part of the Take Back the Day event put on by Home Safe Violence Prevention and Advocacy Center.

Biodesign gives student workers real-world research experience

A typical workday for biochemistry and molecular biosciences junior Marshall Reaves means bumping into biologists, analytical chemists and biochemists. Reaves works at the Biodesign Institute, which was recently named R&D Magazine's 2006 Lab of the Year.

He said the institute's transdisciplinary environment is what makes it "so special." Reaves works for the Center for Glycosciences and Technology.

Sendek's Devils debut

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS
Herb Sendek addresses the media for the first time as ASU's men's basketball head coach in a press conference at Carson Student Athletic Center Monday. Sendek led North Carolina State to the NCAA Tournament each of the last 5 years.
A new era in ASU men's basketball began Monday when ASU Athletic Director Lisa Love introduced Herb Sendek as the program's next head coach. Sendek, 43, has compiled a 253-158 career record in 13 years as a head coach. He spent the past decade in the Atlantic Coast Conference, where he led North Carolina State to the NCAA Tournament in each of the last five seasons.

"Timing is everything," Sendek said at a press conference. "It just seems like, for all the right reasons, this is a perfect time to be making this move for myself and my family."

Hoops: Will ASU fans follow Love's lead?

ASU sports fans are notorious bandwagoners. Win five games in a row, and national championship talk sweeps Tempe. But lose that sixth game, and interest drops like a rock in the ocean.

Political Passion

On the cover
Sitting in an office in his campaign headquarters in Scottsdale, Len Munsil looks like the consummate politician. He wears a black suit, with a navy tie over his white collared shirt. Every hair on his head is in place. He crosses one leg over the other as he leans back in his chair. He slowly taps his fingers on the desk as he thinks, planning out the precise order of words before he speaks.

Looking around the office, there is no indication Munsil is gearing up for the biggest race of his life. Munsil, 42, hopes to win the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. If he wins the primary in September, he will face current Democratic governor Janet Napolitano in November.

At the Door: Fake Out

If you want to enjoy the social scene of Arizona's hottest bars and clubs, being under the age of 21 can be frustrating.

Having a fake ID is a popular option for underage drinkers. But, is it worth it?

Racked: Promising Print

With all the construction on campus for buildings dedicated to science, most people know about the University's intentions to become a major scientific research center. What many people are unaware of, however, are the efforts of a few undergraduates to showcase the more creative elements present at ASU. Such efforts have included the founding of two magazines focusing on the literary and artistic talents of ASU undergraduates Lux and Marooned.
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