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Hit-and-run case ends in mistrial

An ASU student's hit-and-run trial ended in a mistrial Thursday afternoon at Maricopa County Superior Court. The four men and four women on the jury were unable to come to a conclusion on whether Reem Bishara, a geography sophomore, left the scene of a fatal accident.

The jury voted 7-1 in favor of a conviction, one unidentified juror said as she left the courthouse. A unanimous verdict had to be reached for conviction. Bishara was convicted on the charge of underage drinking.

Security plans in the works for Downtown campus

Security, parking and transportation at ASU's downtown Phoenix campus were among the top concerns students expressed at a meeting with University officials Thursday.

Security measures at the campus will include call boxes in parking structures, safety escort services and 24-hour security services from police aides.

Film festival brings Africa to ASU

Scenes of centuries-old castles illuminated the screen and sounds of tribal drums reverberated off the walls of the Physical Sciences building.

Final Four the final stop in search?

Photo courtesy of the University of Montana's athletic department.
Montana men's basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak is likely one of the leading candidates for ASU's head coaching vacancy.
Three weeks of searching for an ASU men's basketball coach may all come to a head this weekend in Indianapolis. Multiple leading candidates and ASU Athletic Director Lisa Love will be attending the Final Four at the RCA Dome on Saturday, multiple sources confirmed on Thursday.

ASU frontrunner Larry Krystkowiak and candidates Randy Bennett and Steve Lavin will all be in attendance. Bennett is currently in Indianapolis and is still interested in ASU's coaching vacancy, according to his father, Tom. "Anybody who grew up here [in Arizona] always has the interest to be [ASU's] coach in their horizon," Tom Bennett said. Bennett was not aware if his son had yet been interviewed by ASU officials.

Familiar ground key for Devils

There's no place like home. That's what Dorothy said in the "Wizard of Oz," and it's also what the ASU women's golf team is echoing as the team prepares for its first and only competition in Tempe this season.

Political Passion

On the cover
Sitting in an office in his campaign headquarters in Scottsdale, Len Munsil looks like the consummate politician. He wears a black suit, with a navy tie over his white collared shirt. Every hair on his head is in place. He crosses one leg over the other as he leans back in his chair. He slowly taps his fingers on the desk as he thinks, planning out the precise order of words before he speaks.

Looking around the office, there is no indication Munsil is gearing up for the biggest race of his life. Munsil, 42, hopes to win the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. If he wins the primary in September, he will face current Democratic governor Janet Napolitano in November.

On Tour: Even Against Me! can't make Dick Cheney sexy

Rising from a one-man fireside acoustic act to a front-runner of black shirt punk style, Against Me! sets its crosshairs on Tempe's Marquee Theatre this Sunday with Alkaline Trio. During a time when punk fans are more concerned about the hairstyles and tapered jeans than the music, The State Press opts to interview Against Me! drummer Warren Oakes as he touches on the tour and activism.

Creepin' Online: In Your Face

An e-mail painstakingly crafted so that every word drips with innuendo, and every sentence speaks with desire, sent to the right person under the title "Perfect Date," and it would seem that young love is in bloom.
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