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Local Limelight: Q & A With Colorstore

 by Sam Friedman
 published on Thursday, March 30, 2006

<em>Photo courtesy of Colorstore</em><br>Radiohead fans take note: This is your new favorite local band. Catch Colorstore this Saturday night at the Bikini Lounge in Phoenix. Come on— it’s free and drinks are cheap. You’ve got no excuse not to go. /issues/arts/696429
Photo courtesy of Colorstore
Radiohead fans take note: This is your new favorite local band. Catch Colorstore this Saturday night at the Bikini Lounge in Phoenix. Come on— it’s free and drinks are cheap. You’ve got no excuse not to go.


Search beneath the array of musical gadgetry at the Bikini Lounge this Saturday and you might just find local indie outfit, Colorstore. Specializing in musical "neo psychedelia," the band includes a cello, upright bass, piano, guitar, theremin, synths odd-looking metal tube which drummer Wright calls a "chore boy." Apparently in one song, the whole band hits various metal objects.
With a number of sold out gigs, a few EPs and a recently completed debut album, When We Float The River successfully completed, SPM decided it was time to meet and greet the boys from Colorstore.    

SPM: Hello. How are you?
Mark Erickson (vocals and utility player): Itchy.
David Marquez (bass): Fantastically caffeinated.

SPM: So what's the history behind the band?
Erikson: A few years, fire bombs, tickler bags of jelly beans and big hugs. Also, working on an album for a bit and paying the other band members money to socialize with me.

SPM: Are you guys looking for popular success or would you rather just stay known locally?
Marquez: Success in any form is a blessing. I make music because I must. It's a form of emotional release that hopefully resonates with listeners.

SPM: How would you describe your sound?
Robin Vining (vocals and utility player): Totally mellow-licious, babe.
Jef Wright (drums): There is a lot of range in our songs.  Some are very intense and layered, others are stripped down and mellow.  I feel that we are throwing some interesting ideas out there.  

SPM: What sort of reaction has your album got?
Erickson: Positive, so far.
Vining: Knee-jerk.Cosmic.

SPM: Is it true one of you used to be a choirboy?
Erikson:  Not me, but I did use to be a mime. My entire family comes from a very long bloodline of dedicated miming. Somehow I got off course. Maybe it was all the drugs?
Marquez: That would be Robin. Sings like an angel. I heard he was kicked out for wearing pirate shirts, though.
Vining: When I was 16, I tried to be a member of the London Choirboys, but I only had one ruffly shirt and my leather pants never really fit right.

SPM: Tell us a joke?
Vining: What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? Nothing. It just gave out a little wine.
Wright: Knock knock.  Who's there?  Salmon.  Salmon who?  Salmonella.

SPM: Who's the most attractive member of the band?
Vining: Your mom.
Wright:  We are all equally unattractive.

SPM: Who are your major musical influences?
Vining: F sharp major, A Major, B Major seven.

SPM: Have you guys ever had a fight on-stage? What happened?
Marquez: All the time. One person will say something that is totally taken out of context and someone's feelings are hurt. Subsequently, there will be a lot of open handed slapping, name-calling and hair-pulling. And maybe some tickling. Mark and Robin are very, very, very ticklish. Mark squeals like a little girl. Ask him to sing "Roxanne" sometime and you'll get the picture.

SPM: What do you guys do when you're not playing music?
Erikson: I enjoy driving motor vehicles into canals.
Vining: Go down to the state fair and win plush bears for our girlfriends.
Wright: Work, school, dinner, drink, burrito, pass out, repeat.

SPM: What's your take on on-stage banter?
Vining: Whatever it takes to get the crowd totally psyched, that's what you gotta do. Every crowd's different though. Like a gig we did for the Central Arizona Beekeepers Association. Mark kept calling me honey on stage and I'm like, "Hi we're Colorstore..oh sorry, maybe you were expecting The Hives." That was great. They went nuts.

SPM: If the band somehow morphed into a famous person, who would it be?
Erikson: Oprah Winfrey. Not sure why.
Reach the reporter at

Bikini Lounge
1502 NW Grand Ave., Phoenix
Saturday, April 1 at 9 p.m.

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