Top 5: Gross drinks we guzzle anyway

 published on Thursday, March 30, 2006


1. Boba Tea:
Obviously people crave this sweet treat, since so many students are seen walking around with their Boba teas containing balls of tapioca floating at the bottom of their cups. However, the Boba balls look and feel like eyeballs as you slurp them up your straw and into your mouth. Yuck!

2. Beer and Alcohol:
There are some people who enjoy a nice ale with their meal, but most college students don't drink alcoholic beverages for the taste. We chug beers and make mixed drinks to try and cover up the taste of hard liquor. Drink enough, and some drinks start to go down like water, but usually those first couple sips can give a person "bitter beer face."

3. Energy Drinks:
With the exception of a few energy drinks, most have a rough aftertaste. The distinct taste may be because they are simply liquid vitamins and minerals mixed with some carbonation and artificial flavors. Many companies have taken advantage of the popular trend of liquid energy boosters. Orange County Choppers has come out with High Octane Fuel, Budweiser has their alcoholic energy drink called B^E and even Von Dutch has their own Von Dutch Energy Drink.

4. Coca-Cola:
There are rumors that Coke can be used to clean your toilet, dissolve a T-bone steak in two days and is used by cops to remove blood from streets after a car accident. Not true. But Coke can be used to clean corrosion from your car battery, loosen a rusty bolt and wash away stains from your grandmother's favorite china. Either way, this carbonated beverage doesn't sound like something anyone should be drinking a lot of.

5. Anything Diet:
There is something a little off about diet drinks. Artificial sugars and sugar-free drinks will bring down the number of calories, but they also bring down the flavor. Diet teas, sodas and light juices are never as fulfilling as the real thing. Plus, what's a couple more calories when you're ordering a greasy hamburger with a side of fries to go along with that Diet Coke, anyway?

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