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Governor: Other candidates running for the Republican nomination

 by Kristi Eaton  published on Thursday, March 30, 2006

<em>Photo courtesy of Jan Smith Florez</em><br>Florez/issues/arts/696407
Photo courtesy of Jan Smith Florez
<em>Photo courtesy of Don Goldwater</em><br>Goldwater/issues/arts/696407
Photo courtesy of Don Goldwater
<em>Photo courtesy of Mike Harris</em><br>Harris/issues/arts/696407
Photo courtesy of Mike Harris
<em>Photo courtesy of Gary Tupper</em><br>Tupper/issues/arts/696407
Photo courtesy of Gary Tupper


Jan Smith Florez
Lives in Nogales

Ex-State Appeals Court Judge, ex-Santa Cruz County Attorney and former teacher

Border security: Does not support immigration reform that leads to amnesty
Education: Supports statewide accountability tests, such as AIMS, supports school choice for parents
Supports Proposition 200

Don Goldwater
Lives in Phoenix

GOP Activist, ex-state employee and nephew of ex-U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater

Border Security: Wants to place National Guard on border, install fences, wall and border road, require cities to enforce immigration laws
Education: Reduce number of school districts, supports home school education, supports school choice legislation
Taxes: Reduce business property tax, reduce and then replace state income tax with a capped use tax
Environment: Protect and expand Colorado River water rights
Transportation: Protect Highway User Fund
Government: Start partnerships with private enterprises to help reduce the size of government
Property Rights: Supports grandfathered property rights

Mike Harris
Lives in Scottsdale

Border Security: Put National Guard on border, Department of Public Safety "strike force" to operate check points and road blocks, create special court system for illegal immigrants where prosecutors, judges and public defenders are on duty 24 hours a day to move cases through system in less than three days
Education: Improve funding for classrooms, increase teacher pay and number of teachers
Healthcare: make it easier for employers to provide better health care packages, allowing citizens to have more options

Gary Tupper
Lives in Chandler

Contractor, financial planner, author

Border Security: Believes the poverty and corruption in Mexico must be addressed to determine why people flee the country, supports temporary guest-worker plan
Healthcare: Opposes caps on medical malpractice.

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