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Political Passion
On the cover
Sitting in an office in his campaign headquarters in Scottsdale, Len Munsil looks like the consummate politician. He wears a black suit, with a navy tie over his white collared shirt. Every hair on his head is in place. He crosses one leg over the other as he leans back in his chair. He slowly taps his fingers on the desk as he thinks, planning out the precise order of words before he speaks.

Looking around the office, there is no indication Munsil is gearing up for the biggest race of his life. Munsil, 42, hopes to win the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. If he wins the primary in September, he will face current Democratic governor Janet Napolitano in November.

Helping Out: Casting Off The White Coats

Photo courtesy of Mandy MurphyA teacher for Tupambane, a Tanzanian teacher partner program, and Students for International Change volunteers during “community day,” on a recent trip to Bangata, Tanzania.  In the sleek new Biodesign Institute, Bertram Jacobs reclines in his chair. He's pondering the cataclysmic contrast between his brand new "Ikea-laden" office and the present topic of conversation. Jacobs is talking about Africa — northern Tanzania to be precise — where 20 percent of the population is infected with HIV and it is rare to find anyone who hasn't had a friend or family member affected by the virus.

Creepin' Online: In Your Face
Photo illustrationBefore you post “hot pics” of yourself on Spring Break to your Web site, consider the fact that any stranger can see them. Do you really want that creep who sat across from you at Taco Bell to know what you look like doing a beer bong? Do you really want future employers to know that  as well? Didn’t think so. An e-mail painstakingly crafted so that every word drips with innuendo, and every sentence speaks with desire, sent to the right person under the title "Perfect Date," and it would seem that young love is in bloom.

Governor: Other candidates running for the Republican nomination

Photo courtesy of Jan Smith FlorezFlorez Jan Smith Florez
Lives in Nogales

Ex-State Appeals Court Judge, ex-Santa Cruz County Attorney and former teacher

Border security: Does not support immigration reform that leads to amnesty
Education: Supports statewide accountability tests, such as AIMS, supports school choice for parents

On Tape: Film director Jason Reitman, "Thank You for Smoking"
"You guys don't mind if I eat while we do this, do you?" Jason Reitman asks as he takes a seat. The director of "Thank You for Smoking" appears healthy and ready to take on the world, a disposition many wouldn't share while touring the country promoting their debut feature film.

Racked: Promising Print
Jamie-Brooke Forseth, editor in cheif of Lux, received her first poetry prize in third grade when she won the Arizona State Poetry Contest. 
With all the construction on campus for buildings dedicated to science, most people know about the University's intentions to become a major scientific research center. What many people are unaware of, however, are the efforts of a few undergraduates to showcase the more creative elements present at ASU. Such efforts have included the founding of two magazines focusing on the literary and artistic talents of ASU undergraduates – Lux and Marooned.

At the Door: Fake Out
Photo illustrationCrossing your fingers and hoping for the best with your fake ID might not be the best strategy and is definitely not worth the risk. If you want to enjoy the social scene of Arizona's hottest bars and clubs, being under the age of 21 can be frustrating.

Having a fake ID is a popular option for underage drinkers. But, is it worth it?

Local Limelight: Q & A With Colorstore

Photo courtesy of ColorstoreRadiohead fans take note: This is your new favorite local band. Catch Colorstore this Saturday night at the Bikini Lounge in Phoenix. Come on— it’s free and drinks are cheap. You’ve got no excuse not to go. Search beneath the array of musical gadgetry at the Bikini Lounge this Saturday and you might just find local indie outfit, Colorstore.

Fashion: Eye sore

Courtesy of KRT wire
Rule number one: Only the Olsen twins should dress like the Olsen twins. Campus fashion seems to be less about style and more about regurgitating trends culled from the style section of US magazine. We have become fashionably lazy and increasingly monotone in our uniforms.

I have discussed this phenomena at length with friends. A male friend of mine came to the immediate defense of the styles I was looking to criticize, based solely on his belief that these trends are embraced by the "hot" girls.

Off Key: Cash is Money
I can distinctly remember the moment I realized why Johnny Cash's music has achieved the rare quality of timelessness in American pop culture. It was winter break my freshman year, and I was in my best friend's '89 Cadillac, racing down a tree-lined highway in Florida.

We were going to meet up with some old friends and see one of our favorite bands, when I fell asleep in the back seat. I woke up to the sound of "The Man in Black," which I'd never heard before.

Top 5: Gross drinks we guzzle anyway
1. Boba Tea:
Obviously people crave this sweet treat, since so many students are seen walking around with their Boba teas containing balls of tapioca floating at the bottom of their cups. However, the Boba balls look and feel like eyeballs as you slurp them up your straw and into your mouth. Yuck!

2. Beer and Alcohol:
There are some people who enjoy a nice ale with their meal, but most college students don't drink alcoholic beverages for the taste. We chug beers and make mixed drinks to try and cover up the taste of hard liquor. Drink enough, and some drinks start to go down like water, but usually those first couple sips can give a person "bitter beer face."

Gadget Corner: 'Big' Screen
While watching those episodes of "The Office" that you illegally downloaded onto your video iPod, have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish this screen was bigger, then I'd be able to count Steve Carell's nose hairs?"

Well, you're in luck. The EyeBud 800 plugs into your video iPod and creates a virtual big-screen television for your eyes only.

It's All Relative: Family Ties
When I was in the seventh grade, I went out on my first one-on-one date with a boy. Our relationship lasted a week, and last I heard, my former flame now prefers to date men.

Despite these minor details, a strong memory of that very first, first date remains: My "boyfriend" standing, terrified, at my front door, so he could meet my parents. (This was before I got into his parents' minivan so they could drop us off at the movie theater to see "Titanic").

Liner Notes: CD reviews
The Ecclesia's first release evokes memories of ambient instrumental bands like The Album Leaf or Mono, minus any of the climaxes notable in Mono's songs. The album is an exercise in understatement, with subtle changes in mood and tempo throughout the course of 48 minutes.

Calendar: Something to do
Chances are that when you were little, you enjoyed banging on pots and pans in the kitchen. In "Stomp," this theory is applied to create a two-hour long concert and dance spectacular that would drive your mother crazy. Performers use everyday objects as instruments, stomping their way across the stage and using their whole bodies to create music.

From the Edge: Editorial
Longtime readers of this magazine and people who have been at ASU for more than two years might remember that way back in 2004, when we got into a little trouble for an image and its accompanying story, that we printed. I don't want to go into details; they're all in the archives online if you really want them. I simply want to use this example to make a point: a good editor doesn't back down when she's in the right.

This might be one of the only things myself and Len Munsil, the subject of this week's cover story (Political Passion, page 8), would agree upon.

RC Helicopters

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