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Top 5: Cheap date spots on campus

 by Nicole Fuggs
 published on Thursday, March 23, 2006



1. The ASU Art Museum at Nelson Fine Arts Center:
This architecturally fascinating building located on 10th Street and Mill Ave. is one of the cheapest spots for date on this list, considering admission is free. For you art snobs, here's your chance to seem like a true intellectual spouting off knowledge about one of the artists. Museum hours are 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

2. A Picnic in the "Secret Garden":
The "Secret Garden" is located in the middle of Dixie Gammage building. This serene spot offers a fireplace, a fountain and a few sculptures surrounding the lawn. Pack up a picnic with a couple of sandwiches and a bunch of other goodies and spend some quality time getting to know each other. Nothing wrong with a little romancin' when you're trying to win someone over.

3. A concert at ASU's Music Building:
Katzin Concert Hall and the Evelyn Smith Music Theater are the main spaces for shows, concerts and operas. Find out what kind of show your date might be interested in and check out the concert calendar on the music school's Web site. Performers like to feel the support from their peers and you get an awesome showcase of ASU talent.

4. Bowling in Sparky's Den:
ASU has a bowling alley on campus, and an hour will cost you less than $10.00 per person. Plus, there are pool tables and arcade games nearby. Sparky's Den is never too crowded, so you might have the place all to yourselves -- no competition in the other lanes to remind you of what a bad bowler you are.

5. Sip on a Starbucks:
There are at least five Starbucks on campus, so you'll never have to walk too far. Asking someone to coffee may be your safest bet if you are trying to play it cool. It's a very casual way of showing interest without getting yourself in too deep, financially or romantically.

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