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Local Limelight: Q & A with Desole

 by Sam Friedman
 published on Thursday, March 9, 2006


The members of Tempe sextet Desole (pronounced day-so-lay) is gearing up for the biggest day of their musical careers. Tomorrow is the release party of their debut album A Story to Tell, a gutsy 10-track offering of radio-friendly rock.

Still in their underwear one morning a few days before the show, ("Thanks for letting us do the interview in our boxers Sam,") SPM averted its eyes and talked Gallic, groupies and God with Gavin and Jason from the band.

SPM: "Desole" means "desolate" in French. Is that a reference to your desert home?

Desole: You actually did your research -- yeah, "desole" is French or Latin for "desolate." I think you're the first ever to actually get that one right!

SPM: With six guys in the band, don't you guys get in each other's way?

Desole: All the time. It's freaking annoying, too. If we just had the heart to tell Jason he sucked at guitar we could kick him out and solve the problem. No, I'm kidding, the reason we have so many people is because we want to be able to do what we do on the album live. There's no studio band here.

SPM: How would you describe your sound?

Desole: Ambient, progressive, catchy, emotional, driven. But in its rawest form -- rock. The sound of Desole to us is something uplifting and hopeful. We want kids to sing along and enjoy themselves while listening.

SPM: What sets you apart from other local indie outfits?

Desole: We have really tried to take a step out of being just a local act with this record. I would say we don't sound the same as anyone else. We're not your typical scream-o band, we don't even scream, and we're not a typical pop or indie band, either.

SPM: Who or what do you draw inspiration from?

Desole: I think musicians can only draw from what they have learned about, seen or experienced. We draw our inspiration from life and the relationships we've made...along with our faith in God and the will to make some money!

SPM: Do bad reviews affect you?

Desole: Every review affects us. We believe any press is good press. I mean, there will always be people who don't like you -- no matter how good you may be. Plus it's funny to hear what people say about us.

SPM: What's the worst thing someone has shouted at you at a gig?

Desole: One time we did have this one drunk who just kept screaming, "Woo, look at those rock stars METAL!" during our whole set. But he was clearly just making fun of us. We kicked his ass afterward.

SPM: Do you have groupies?

Desole: Like 8,000,000, duh. No really...just girls that like to sleep with us! Ha ha...not really.

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