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Fashion: Celebrity Style

Estilo Boutique brings young Hollywood to the Valley

 by Mani O'Brien
 published on Thursday, March 9, 2006

<em>Photo courtsey of Estilo Boutique</em>/issues/arts/696152
Photo courtsey of Estilo Boutique
Photo courtsey of Estilo Boutique/issues/arts/696152
Photo courtsey of Estilo Boutique


If you spend time obsessing over "the cutest dress you've ever seen" in your weekly stock of celebrity gossip magazines, Estilo Boutique may be the best thing you've ever discovered -- and the worst thing to happen to your bank account since designer denim became a must-have.

Owner Kelly Dixon says she and her business partner, Gina Pedrojetti, pride themselves on their customer service.

"If someone comes in with an US Weekly and wants something out of it, if we don't have it, most likely we can order it for them. We love to do special orders," says Dixon.

Both Dixon and Pedrojetti graduated from ASU in 2000 with business marketing degrees. They both realized they were unhappy in their careers after college, so they teamed up and developed what Dixon calls "their dream business plan."

In 2003, the women realized their dreams with Estilo Boutique, located in north Scottsdale. Estilo carries dozens of designer threads to create a look that screams "young Hollywood," Dixon says.

If a trip to north Scottsdale isn't quite worth the drive, Estilo's newest location at the Scottsdale Waterfront near the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall will open in five weeks.

Dixon and Pedrojetti grew up together in Medford, Ore., where they established Estilo Boutique's only other location.

"It's just about the least fashionable place you could come from," Dixon says, laughing.

Although they come from a fashion-deprived town, Dixon and Pedrojetti clearly know their stuff, thanks to a lot of shopping trips and their natural sense of fashion, Dixon says.

"I think that [having fashion sense] is not something that you can learn, it's something that you have or you don't have," says Dixon.

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