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Happy Housewives
On the cover
Marina Mercer has already done more by 11:00 a.m. than some students do all day. The nursing freshman is on the women's volleyball team, and has to practice every morning for two or three hours.

Lustful: Self Love
Photo illustration
We don't care if you enjoy pornography on your own time, but in public keep your hands where we can see them, please. One Thursday in early February, two trainers sit at the desk of the SRC weight room. It's a slow morning and to pass time one reads the police beat section of The State Press out loud.

Local Limelight: Q & A with Desole
The members of Tempe sextet Desole (pronounced day-so-lay) is gearing up for the biggest day of their musical careers. Tomorrow is the release party of their debut album A Story to Tell, a gutsy 10-track offering of radio-friendly rock.

Still in their underwear one morning a few days before the show, SPM averted its eyes and talked Gallic.

Off Key: Take a Stand for Bands on Grand
Almost every region has an annual music festival that everyone knows about. Music fans wait with anticipation to see who will play each year at Southern California's Coachella festival in Indio, Calif., or the South's Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tenn., or every indie kid's wet dream, South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, where talent from across the country and globe will play.

The Valley tried to start its own comparable event last year with the Grand Cayenne music festival, but it ended up with lackluster ticket sales and was ultimately canceled.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Apparently, there isn't much to do in Sweden, aside from starting really good rock n' roll or black metal bands. The Sounds fall into the former category. Dying To Say This To You features 11 straight forward pop songs, varying in tempo from ballads like "Night after Night" to the balls-to-the-wall alternate version of the same song, included as a "hidden" track. The Sounds take the sound of other imports like The Hives, and add confident female vocals and more keyboards, and the result is a solid pop record for fans of the pop-ier side of rock. --

Calendar: What's Happening
Saves The Day
Monday, March 13

We feel all warm and fuzzy when we remember our high school days, when that one kid who always brought his guitar to class would constantly play "At Your Funeral," the only song he knew. Saves The Day was the new Weezer about four years ago -- and now they're in town to serenade us once more. See them with Circa Survive and Moneen at the Marquee Theatre (730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe) at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $15. Call the Marquee box office at (480)829-1300 for more information.

Fashion: Celebrity Style

Photo courtsey of Estilo Boutique If you spend time obsessing over "the cutest dress you've ever seen" in your weekly stock of celebrity gossip magazines, Estilo Boutique may be the best thing you've ever discovered -- and the worst thing to happen to your bank account since designer denim became a must-have.

Owner Kelly Dixon says she and her business partner, Gina Pedrojetti, pride themselves on their customer service.

Top 5: Dont's for Spring Break

Photo courtsey of KRT Wire 1. Don't get arrested:
This should be a no-brainer, especially for those planning to leave the States. Think twice if you want to have another drink or buy some drugs from a stranger. If you do, don't be surprised when you wake up in a foreign jail and the treatment there is far from room service.

2. Don't have unprotected sex:
According to the American Social Health Association, two-thirds of all new sexually transmitted infections occur in people 25 years of age or younger. Don't let one night with a stranger ruin your life. The first thing on your list to pack should be condoms.

Gadget Corner: Transfer your Call
Sometimes it pays to read the fine print. recently launched its online service that takes advantage of a little-known clause in most cell phone contracts called the "contract transfer."

It's All Relative: Long Distance Lovin'
Nearly everyone I know claims long-distance relationships can never work.

From high school love affairs that end when you graduate and go off to your separate colleges, to summer flings that only last as long as your study abroad trip or internship, most couples realize that relationships are complicated enough when both parties live in the same place.

Off of the Vine: Dirt Don't Hurt

Photo courtesy of KRT wire
Foraging for food like berries and nuts can save you money on your grocery bill. But don't spend it on beer -- that defeats the healthy purpose. We've all heard the jokes about students subsisting on day-old pizza and beer. But searching for a club meeting that is serving free pizza is nothing compared to the foraging done by some Valley residents.

Matt LeShure, 26, who moved to Prescott from Tempe two months ago, will return this Saturday to teach two classes: One on how to forage in Tempe, and one on the "living foods" diet.

Emo Culture: Girly Men
Political science sophomore Jeff Tsang says it takes balls to wear girl's jeans in public -- even though he knows he'll have to tone down his image some day. A young couple holds hands as they weave through the crowd of other teenagers at a concert. They are wearing matching black puffy jackets with fur-trimmed hoods.

From the Edge: Editorial
Consider this: Paternity leave -- that is paid time off for new fathers -- is quite common in other countries. The UK offers two weeks paid leave. So do France and Italy. And Sweden offers a whopping month of paid paternity leave. According to a Harvard based report, "The Work, Family and Equity Index: Where Does the United States Stand Globally," the U.S. does not guarantee any form of paternity leave at all. This might seem like a small thing -- after all, at least women in the U.S. are afforded maternity leave -- but it's indicative of our greater attitude toward co-parenting.

It concerns me that so many women feel they have to choose between being a "good mother" and having a career, when men simply do not have to make the same choice.

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