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Shooting victim's father files lawsuit against ASU

Jeremiah Armenta / THE STATE PRESS
Father B. Lee Falkner and brother Jelani Falkner mourn the loss of family member Brandon Falkner, a former ASU football player, at the East Rest Haven Cemetery in south Phoenix last year. B. Lee Falkner is filing a lawsuit against ASU, the Arizona Board of Regents, head football coach Dirk Koetter and former athletic director Gene Smith for the wrongful death of his son, Brandon.
Almost a year after former ASU football player Brandon Falkner was shot and killed outside a Scottsdale nightclub, his father is filing a civil lawsuit against ASU.

B. Lee Falkner also named the Arizona State Board of Regents, former ASU Athletic Director Gene Smith and head football coach Dirk Koetter in the lawsuit.

Former ASU football player Loren Wade was arrested and indicted on a first-degree murder charge in connection with the March 2005 shooting in April 2005.

Wade was a running back at the time of the shooting. Falkner played football for ASU from 1999 to 2001.

The lawsuit alleges Wade "enjoyed a special relationship" with Koetter and "the Arizona State University coaching staff in general."

Regents slated to vote on tuition, meal plan this week

The Arizona Board of Regents will vote on tuition increases, the proposed mandatory meal plan, special fees and the concept of differential tuition at their meeting at UA later this week.

The proposed mandatory meal plan has been debated at past ABOR meetings and will be decided at the meeting Thursday.

Ellis vows to bring experience to Council

I can be an objective voice for citizens with one agenda: ensuring all city decisions are made solely with the best interests of our community in mind. I want to see Tempe continue to build on its successes while ensuring we don't forget about those in need across our city. I have invested my time and efforts for the last 20 years working to help the homeless, teens in need and the elderly while working directly with the City of Tempe.

Career Services offers job-hunters tips to avoid mistakes

Students struggling to find the right job can get help from Career Services today in the Memorial Union.

ASU will conduct a workshop discussing cover letters and resume use today in Room 219 on the second level of the MU.

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss tricks to writing effective cover letters and resumes and ways to make a student's resume stand out said Ryan Dromgoole, peer advisor for Career Services.

M Basketball: Junior guard Kruger is Sun Devils' Mr. Dependable

Junior guard Kevin Kruger gets ready to pass the ball during a game at Wells Fargo Arena earlier this season.
Nobody ever said being a leader was easy. But it doesn't faze Kevin Kruger.

It's been a painful year for Kruger in more ways than one. He has experienced the growing pains of a young team and has played through the season with pain in his body.

But there doesn't seem to be much that could keep the 6-foot-2-inch junior shooting guard off the floor or curb his competitive spirit. A season-long foot injury hasn't. Neither could an infected wisdom tooth that prevented him from eating solid food for a week.

Kruger ranks second in the nation in playing time, with nearly 39 minutes per game.

W Tennis: Abdala seals victory for women's tennis

Laila Abdala is serving notice that she is a force to be reckoned with in NCAA women's tennis.

Leading ASU in wins heading into Tuesday's match against No. 14 Wake Forest, the San Diego native notched the biggest victory of her NCAA career, and may just have turned the Sun Devils' season around in the process.

Parlor Games

The waiting room at Massage Elite in Tempe.
As Sam Friedman walks into Massage Elite, he doesn't know what to expect. A neon "Asian" sign shines out the window, illuminating the dark plaza. Another small sign reads "Open 9 to midnight, 365 days."

Friedman, a male SPM reporter, admits that he is nervous about being sent to check out an unconfirmed report -- that the massage practice offers not just massages but sexual favors in exchange for money.

Friedman takes a step into the empty waiting room. Curtains drawn across the windows make him hardly visible to the outside world. A small, framed menu hangs on the wall, listing Massage Elite's services. A half-hour massage is $40, three-quarter hour is $50 and one hour is $60. The practice also offers a twenty-minute milk and salt bath for $25.

Edson prize sparks hip-hop start-up

Biomedical engineering senior Mark Schmitz turned a class project he did in his junior year into a record label. Granted, it took the help of a few friends and a grant from ASU's Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative Beneficiary to get The Grid Records started.

Every year, Edson awards $200,000 to 10 to 15 student-led entrepreneurial ventures. The Grid Records received $15,000 the first day of spring semester to start their label.
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