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Students speak out against proposed tuition increase

Regent Christina Palacios listens to questions at a tuition forum in the Memorial Union Monday evening. The Arizona Board of Regents is scheduled to approve a raise in tuition next week.
Undergraduate students at ASU's Tempe campus expressed disapproval of the 8.5 percent tuition increase proposed by the administration at a tuition forum in the Memorial Union Monday.

The forum -- hosted by the Arizona Board of Regents -- was telecast to the other ASU campuses, UA, NAU and their respective branch campuses. About 50 people gathered at the Memorial Union to participate in the forum.

ASU President Michael Crow said the 8.5 percent increase at the Tempe campus is "simple and straightforward."

Reality hits campaign promises hard

No mandatory meal plans. Grandfathering tuition. Annexing NAU and UA to become ASU North and South.

The candidates running for Undergraduate Student Government president have some lofty platforms this year, some more ambitious than others.

Presidential candidate Matthew Kenney, a political science and English literature junior, said he wants to change the dynamic of student government altogether.

East Valley home prices on the rise

College students hoping to buy or rent a home in the next year may be out of luck, a local realtor said.

Homes are becoming less affordable in the East Valley as market prices climb, said Ted Harden, a local realtor.

"We are still seeing a trend of homes going up in prices," he said. "Every time prices go up, we're knocking out groups of people that can afford the homes."

Positive job outlook likely greets 2006 graduates

ASU's 2006 graduating class has more to look forward to than the end of lecture classes -- a better job market will also be available for them, according to a national survey.

Employers are expected to hire 14.5 percent more college graduates this year than they did in 2005, the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported in a 2006 Job Outlook survey.

"The job market looks pretty good this year," said Mimi Collins, director of information for NACE.

Bill may take away cities' power to offer tax rebates

Proposed state legislation would start punishing Valley cities for the same types of targeted sales tax rebates Tempe gave to developers of IKEA and Tempe Marketplace.

Senate Bill 1243, passed earlier this month, would prohibit cities in Maricopa and Pinal counties from offering tax incentives to businesses so they would locate there, the bill states.

Citizens rate Tempe safety

Tempe residents said they believed the likelihood of their property being damaged was higher last year than in 2004, according to the Tempe Police Department's 2005 Citizen Survey.

W Hoops: Preparing for the stretch run

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS
Junior guard Jill Noe passes the ball to a teammate in a game against UA at Wells Fargo Arena Saturday.
It's probably a good thing senior forward Kristen Kovesdy plays for the No. 11 ASU women's basketball team rather than writes about it -- or else she'd have to figure out how the NCAA tournament bracket is determined.

"It's like a whole other language to me," Kovesdy said. "I don't even know how to determine 'bracketology.'"

Kovesdy said sophomore guard Reagan Pariseau informs her of where the Sun Devils currently stand in regard to the Big Dance.

Baseball:No time to rest

After traveling to Waco, Texas, and taking two out of three from Baylor, the ASU baseball team will have to make a quick turnaround, as it will face Texas Tech tonight at Packard Stadium at 7 p.m.

Holding on to Hope

On the cover
Shaney McCoy is a middle-class white woman from Clearwater, Kan. Raised in a Christian home, she's played by the rules most of her life. She's doesn't drink, she's not sexually promiscuous, she doesn't touch drugs and she's certainly never shared needles with anyone.

But this blonde-haired, blue-eyed picture of wholesome Midwestern values does share something with drug users, street workers and many poverty stricken people around the world.

Shaney McCoy is HIV positive. And she's not ashamed of it. In fact, she wants you to know it can happen to you. "This is a virus," says the psychology senior. "It doesn't choose who it infects."

Frat Talk: The Good Boys

At the Native New Yorker Restaurant on Dorsey Lane and Broadway Road, a large group of fraternity brothers assemble for a night out.

At first glance the scene looks pretty average; a sprinkling of creatively-perched baseball caps, some muscle shirts, mountains of food. But something's wrong.
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