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Kyl calls for more border enforcement

Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., speaks to ASU students and members of the West Valley community during an annual open forum at ASU's West campus Friday morning. Topics ranged from local issues of immigration and crime to broader subjects such as health care and the war in Iraq.
Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., spoke about the importance of taking concrete action on illegal-immigration reform to an audience comprised mostly of city leaders and staff at ASU's West campus Friday morning.

Kyl said the illegal immigration problem could be addressed through increased enforcement of the U.S.-Mexico border and a crackdown on the employment of illegal workers.

A temporary-worker program should also be implemented to give businesses an option to legally hire immigrant employees, he said.

University leaves housing up to students

ASU officials said they're not planning to require freshmen to live on campus even though members of the Tempe City Council recommended that earlier this month.

Students who live in residence halls during their first year are more likely to graduate on time, Councilwoman Pam Goronkin said last Tuesday.

"The University has stated [increasing graduation rates] as an objective," Goronkin said. "We are trying to support the University."

Candidates under fire

Undergraduate Student Government candidates came under fire Friday at a debate hosted by the Young Democrats.

The group began their meeting by handing out USG bingo sheets that listed statements and gestures likely to be made during the debate.

Players marked the "Spent more than $500 on their signs" square when Ross Meyer said he and running mate Elizabeth Simonhoff spent about $1,100.

Richard Sales then said he spent about $2,500 on signs.

Attorney for hit-and-run suspect faces contempt trial over passport

After an ASU graduate is tried on hit-and-run charges, her defense attorney will be put on trial for contempt of court, a judge ruled Friday.

David Cantor was ordered in November to seize the passport of Muneerah Al-Tarrah, a citizen of both the United States and Kuwait, who was accused of driving the SUV that allegedly struck and killed Todd DeGain, 35, of Mesa.

But in January, the Maricopa County Superior Court discovered Al-Tarrah had fled the country in December.

W Hoops: Freshmen steal show on Senior Night

ASU guard Danielle Orsillo lays it up agaist two UA Wildcats during Saturday's blowout victory at Wells Fargo Arena.
While it began as a farewell to the No. 11 ASU women's basketball seniors, it ended with the Sun Devil freshmen lighting up the scoreboard.

Freshmen Briann January scored 12 points and Kirsten Thompson added 10 points as the Sun Devils stomped intrastate rival UA, 81-45, Saturday at Wells Fargo Arena on Senior Night.

"I have the most confidence in this freshman class, they're unbelievable," senior forward Kristen Kovesdy said.

"These freshmen are determined and relentless, and they're just going to get better and better," senior forward Amy Denson said.

M Hoops: Turnovers spoil Devils' chance at upset

It shouldn't take much motivation to get up for a rivalry game.

But whatever inspiration carried the Sun Devils to a double-overtime win over California a week ago, they must have forgotten it in Berkeley.

Gymnastics: ASU rebounds, records season-high mark in UNO's Classic

Through the initial few meets of the 2006 campaign, ASU gymnastics coach John Spini reiterated time and time again his team was capable of a top-three finish at nationals.

Holding on to Hope

On the cover
Shaney McCoy is a middle-class white woman from Clearwater, Kan. Raised in a Christian home, she's played by the rules most of her life. She's doesn't drink, she's not sexually promiscuous, she doesn't touch drugs and she's certainly never shared needles with anyone.

But this blonde-haired, blue-eyed picture of wholesome Midwestern values does share something with drug users, street workers and many poverty stricken people around the world.

Shaney McCoy is HIV positive. And she's not ashamed of it. In fact, she wants you to know it can happen to you. "This is a virus," says the psychology senior. "It doesn't choose who it infects."

Off Key: Where's the Love?

According to what I learned in my Sex, Love, and Romance class at ASU, more people break up on Valentine's Day than get together. Fortunately, my relationship survived. But over a week later, I'm still thinking about a failed attempt at a Valentine's Day mix CD.

Top 5: Tempe Scenic Views

1. "A" Mountain:
The required hike up "A" Mountain in BIO 100: The Living World shouldn't be the only time you make this trek. Sure, you won't get credit for it, but you'll get a great bird's eye view of the Tempe Town Lake, Sun Devil Stadium and the entire ASU campus.
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