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Gadget Corner: Window on the Future

Your desktop enters the third dimension

 by Zach Richter
 published on Thursday, February 23, 2006


Windows Vista, Microsoft's next big operating system, is going to be released near the end of the year. Windows Vista will be the biggest thing to hit the PC world since Windows 1.0 replaced MS-DOS.

Unlike its predecessors, Windows Vista will feature a 3D desktop. The 3D desktop will give users more freedom to express their individuality, thanks to the new dynamic backgrounds.

Unlike regular backgrounds, dynamic backgrounds move and change. Early versions of the system feature fish swimming across the screen, and clocks of the world, all of which keep perfect time.

Vista will also feature Internet Explorer 7 as well as faster program load times. For gamers, Halo 2 is coming exclusively to the Vista operating system.

Anyone interested in trying out a beta version of the software can do so from the Beta Experience Web site at

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