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Top 5: Tempe Scenic Views

 by Ljiljana Ciric
 published on Thursday, February 23, 2006




1. "A" Mountain:
The required hike up "A" Mountain in BIO 100: The Living World shouldn't be the only time you make this trek. Sure, you won't get credit for it, but you'll get a great bird's eye view of the Tempe Town Lake, Sun Devil Stadium and the entire ASU campus.

2. Coor Building:
While taking the elevator to the sixth floor of the Lattie F. Coor Building is always an option, taking the stairs is more rewarding. Each floor adds up to a grand view from the top. And with a table conveniently located on the top floor, this is a perfect place to bring your lunch, soak up the sun and enjoy the view.

3. Life Sciences Tower:
If you're looking for more than just a view, the top of the Life Sciences E-wing building is the right place for you. The tallest building on campus, located on Hayden Mall, has a 3,500-square-foot greenhouse on top. Now that's worth the trip.

4. Foundation Building:
President Crow's office is located on the fourth floor, but in order to see what he sees, you have to be invited to his office. We know that the rumor that the Old Main lawn is being renovated just so that Crow can have a better view on campus isn't true. But we've seen the view and it's superb.

5. Cady Fountain:
For those who are afraid of heights and don't enjoy elevator rides, Cady Fountain offers a different kind of view -- a scenic view of ASU students. Blondes, brunettes, short, tall, hunks or nerds -- just name your type and you'll have plenty to look at on your lunch break.

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