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Safety projects could cost $211K

ASU will have to spend more than $210,750 to implement a committee's suggestions to combat student violence, especially among athletes.

The committee, headed by ASU Faculty Athletic Representative Myles Lynk, gave the University suggestions to improve campus safety in July 2005. ASU released a report on its progress Jan. 5.

Underwood and Smith pledge to keep up illusions, not look like 'tools'

I think the foremost duty of a USG president is to take themselves way too seriously.

Sure, the president can't do anything that the administration doesn't want, and sure, most students can't even tell you who the president is, but at least they get to pretend that they are important.

Aside from that, I think being the president entails keeping up the illusion that student government matters and trying your best not to look like a tool.

ASU honored for alt-fuel vehicles

ASU will be honored for using electric vehicles, along with fleet managers who are using clean fuels, today at the state Capitol.

Warren Giles, who works with ASU Fleet Services, said ASU has 100 "Gem carts," which run on electricity and reduce the use of petroleum.

Fetus displays promote discussion

Posters reading, "Caution: Genocide photos ahead" greeted people as they walked toward the Memorial Union Monday.

Those photos, featuring aborted fetuses on three 18-foot-tall, three-sided posters, will be on the mall as part of an anti-abortion display through Thursday.

Around ASU: Prohibition in frats won't fix alcohol problems

Can you imagine hamburgers without ketchup, Batman without Robin, Phoenix without heat or fraternities without alcohol?

As of now, ASU doesn't want that last pairing to be mixed, and that just seems unnatural.

Campus brief: Funeral service held for former ASU student

Friends and family gathered to honor the memory of a former ASU student at his funeral Monday.

John Rose-Palermo, 23, drowned in Tempe Town Lake last week shortly after leaping off the lake's Scottsdale Road bridge.

Velasquez wears it on his chest

Alicia D. Garcia / THE STATE PRESS
Senior All-American heavyweight Cain Velasquez (right) prepares to wrestle teammate Alex Pavlenko during practice at the Riches Wrestling Complex Friday.
The inscription can partially be seen through the top of his maroon and gold wrestling suit. To senior Cain Velasquez, the "Brown Pride" tattoo on his chest stands for his Mexican heritage. Sharing the same ink with his best friend from high school, Velazquez's ties to his family and friends are immediately evident.

The 6-foot-2 heavyweight was born in Salinas, Calif., but calls Yuma home. The All-American with a 30-5 record this season said he was inspired to wrestle by his older brother, Efrain.

Softball: Devils 'ecstatic' after hot start

The No. 22 ASU softball team was in midseason form in its first two tournaments and still boasts an unblemished record to start the season.

The Great Divide

On the cover
It's Tuesday morning and Amber Guida has just marched into the Hayden Library cafe. The journalism freshman arrived on campus at 8:30 this morning, and this is her only break before 11:00 p.m. when she finishes for the day.

Dressed in a smart pin-stripe jacket and with a cigarette hanging casually between her fingers, Guida appears much older than her 18 years. Sitting down, she lights the cigarette and quickly exhales in one long, exhausted gesture.

Relay For Life raises funds for cancer research, remebers victims

Glowing candles will be spelling the messages of "hope" and "cure" in the bleachers of ASU's Sun Devil Stadium on April 7 when hundreds of people spend 12 hours walking and running in support of those affected by cancer.

Road warriors: Rogue Wave comes to Tempe

Rogue Wave began after a job layoff in San Francisco pushed founder Zach Rogue to upstate New York to write, record and release his first album, Out of the Shadow, in 2002 with friend and producer Bill Racine.

He released the disc on his pseudo-record label, Responsive Recordings, and financing about 2,000 copies.
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