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The Great Divide
On the cover
It's Tuesday morning and Amber Guida has just marched into the Hayden Library cafe. The journalism freshman arrived on campus at 8:30 this morning, and this is her only break before 11:00 p.m. when she finishes for the day.

Dressed in a smart pin-stripe jacket and with a cigarette hanging casually between her fingers, Guida appears much older than her 18 years. Sitting down, she lights the cigarette and quickly exhales in one long, exhausted gesture.

On Stage: New Spaces
Kim Ware says her play Inside an old elementary school, where most people saw nothing but abandoned classrooms and deserted playgrounds, the Empty Space Theatre was born.

How To Wear It: What you'll want to drop your dollars on this spring
Tiffany Tcheng
Men's fashions.
One of the perks of attending ASU is the accessible shopping. From the opening of Here on the Corner in the basement of the Memorial Union, to the upscale boutiques, like Divaz Boutique and Swell Clothing, within walking distance of campus, it's easy for the fashion-obsessed to get distracted from their studies.

Here's Your Bill: Don't let cheap food make you fat
If you're a freshman, by the second semester, you have forgotten how good mom's cooking is and you're having a ball eating pizza you and six other guys pitched in for before starting a 1 a.m. video game marathon.

But for the rest of us, the wonder of the college diet has worn off. There is nothing "grown up" about downing a Red Bull for breakfast, deciding between Burger King or Taco Bell for lunch and coming home to eat anything in the fridge that doesn't have green fuzz on it.

Off Key: Oh, Canada!
Oh, Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north! How we do occasionally envy thee for thy snowy slopes and picturesque forests. For thy universal health care and talented pool of hockey players.

Thy horseback mounted police are undoubtedly cooler than ours, oh Canada, with their red shirts and funny hats. And thy lumberjacks are surely friendlier.

Gadget Corner:
Every week thousands of strangers across the country tell Frank Warren their deepest secrets.

No, Warren isn't some advice guru with a relationship column. He's just a dude living in Germantown, Md. who started a blog called Post Secret as a community art project.

Bondage: Whip it Good
Entering The Sets on Feb. 11, was like entering a different world. A world filled with women wrapped in skin-tight leather and businessmen in perfect business attire -- sans pants. A world where pain and pleasure are one and you can buy a real spear for just $25.

Local Limelight: Q&A with Dust Jacket
If you ever wondered how it sounds when five people are playing musical instruments like typewriters, Dust Jacket can give you a feel for it.

It's All Relative: No Sane person is a vegetarian
Sex is like meat. Some like it rare, some like it medium-rare and some like it well done.

I know what you're thinking. "Rare? Not at this school." Or, "Well done? That's the only way I do it."

Top 5: Valentine's Day Detox Movies
1. Fatal Attraction: We've seen enough weepy-eyed movies about romantic affairs. This one has Glen Close with 80s hair. If that's not enough, the dead bunny alone will make you glad if you didn't shell out the big bucks on some crazy significant other for Valentine's Day.

2. Kill Bill: This movie is about revenge, very bloody revenge. Watch it and be glad that none of your failed relationships have involved swords.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Gil Mantera's Party Dream's Bloodsongs is 10 tracks of straight-ahead, 80s influenced pop rock. Gil Mantera and bandmate Ultimate Donny collaborate on vocals, guitar and synthesizers. If you're familiar with the band Mindless Self Indulgence, pretend the dudes in that band decided to chill out and record a mellow album, and it might sound something like this.

Calendar: What's Happening
Friday, Feb. 17
Electronics and Rock at the Clubhouse
Because we like to think we're on the cutting edge of the music scene, we think you should head to the Clubhouse (1320 E. Broadway Road, Tempe) to see this five-band lineup. It's a mix of rock and electronics, with Dream State, Tenderbox, Xrayok, Army of Robots and Love Blisters. It starts at 8 p.m. and costs a mere $7, which means you're paying less than $1.50 per band. And since the show is all ages, you can bring your underage friends along for a change. For more information call (480) 968-3238. -- Stephanie Berger

Editorial: From the Edge
I've spent the past two weeks having a very quiet nervous breakdown. My "to do" list is never-ending, I stay at school well past midnight at least twice a week and when I'm not editing or at my other job, I'm desperately chasing sources for my next story and trying to remember how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the subjunctive.

Even though I work 50-60 hours a week, I'm running out of money. My phone bill is past due, my car's radiator is about to explode and for the first time ever, I've taken out a loan.

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