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Healthy food options coming to campus

Mathematics and biotechnology junior Nick Tatonetti breaks from class for a veggie sandwich at the Memorial Union. Next semester, ASU's proposed meal plan will bring vegetarian options to campus.
Students will have new places to go when their stomachs start grumbling next year, thanks to ASU's proposed mandatory meal plan.

Ben Hartley, general manager for Sodexho Food Services at ASU, said there will be changes to existing campus food locations and a new dining facility in the Memorial Union.

"All the menus had to be redone" in light of the mandatory meal-plan proposal, he said.

Tempe man dies after jumping off bridge into Town Lake

A Tempe man died after jumping off the Scottsdale Road bridge into Tempe Town Lake Tuesday.

A man in his early 20s leaped off the top of the bridge wearing only boxer shorts and tennis shoes around 12:40 p.m., said Tempe police spokesman Sgt. Dan Masters.

Lawmakers hear proposal on breastfeeding laws

Lawmakers will consider a bill today that would exempt nursing mothers from indecent exposure laws.

House Bill 2376 is scheduled to be heard in a government-reform committee at 1:30 p.m.

"We are hoping to have record numbers of people voice their stance on the bill," said Amy Milliron, one of several mothers working with legislators on the bill.
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    W Hoops: The Legend of Rosenthal

    Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
    Women's basketball scrimmaged against a few members of the men's practice squad at Wells Fargo Arena Tuesday.
    YoVanna Rosenthal sits outside the women's locker room at Wells Fargo Arena after practice watching the ASU men's basketball team stretch on the hardwood. Her bangs are brushed to the side as sweat drips from her forehead.

    ASU men's basketball coach Rob Evans approaches Rosenthal and says, "I've seen how you've been playing lately I've liked it."

    She smiles and says "Thanks, coach."

    Like a fine wine, Rosenthal continues to flourish as each day passes and many people are beginning to take notice.

    But ASU head coach Charli Turner Thorne said it hasn't been an easy road for Rosenthal to travel since her arrival at ASU four years ago.

    Softball: Freshman slugger bursting onto scene

    She has the power.

    Freshman slugger Katie Cochran sent outfielders back to the wall all last weekend at the Kajikawa Classic, earning her Pac-10 Player of the Week honors in her first week in collegiate softball.
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    Teaching America

    On the cover
    In the Roosevelt School District, schools are so poor they can't even afford to pay substitute teachers. If a full-time teacher ever gets sick, they are forced to split the teacher's students into two other classes for the day, packing some classrooms that are already close to full.

    As of this article's printing, Arizona is being fined half a million dollars a day by the federal government until it finds a way to educate students who aren't proficient in English.

    On Jan. 31, President Bush announced in his State of the Union address that the country is currently experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in the sciences and mathematics.

    It's All Relative: Cell Phone Woes

    Life without a cell phone is pretty much unimaginable these days. While in high school, your cell phone served the main purpose of letting Mom know when to pick you up from soccer practice, today it is likely the only phone you use or maybe even own. Cell phones have also become a status symbol and for all those trend setters who get to walk around talking on their fuchsia Motorola Razrs, well, lucky you.

    Local Limelight: Q & A With Psyko Steve

    Stephen Chilton, a promoter better known around the local music scene as "Psyko Steve," is about to put on a show that he hopes will bring Valley music fans together.
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