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Gadget Corner: Nintendo redux

 by Lucia Bill  published on Thursday, February 9, 2006


If you ask us, none of their ideas were that great after 'Mario 3.' Except Yoshi -- we love that little guy.

The Xbox 360 trend has left companies like Nintendo scrambling to match the craze. It's been a while since they dropped anything that could push a gamer's buttons like the Xbox, so they decided to turn to sneakiness to create a buzz around their products. Just a day after they announced that they have "no plans" to introduce a redesigned Nintendo DS, Nintendo announced that on March 2 they will be releasing an improved DS. The new product has been praised by its creators for being innovative, but the changes are purely aesthetic. It's 21 percent lighter and 42 percent smaller. Looks like the Nintendo guys have managed to even top the government in making the same old crap look like the wave of the future.

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