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Top 5 Awkward Tipping Situations

 published on Thursday, February 9, 2006


1 You're out with friends:
Sneak a glance at your friend's tabs and make sure to tip as much as they do. Unless you've got one of those food service working pals who over tips for good karma.

2 There isn't enough money left over:
Everyone claims to have paid their part of the bill, yet you're left with no money for a tip. We all know this is due to that cheapskate friend of yours, but don't stiff your server. Just cough up a few more dollars and give the penny pincher dirty looks all night.

3 You've already tipped the bartender several times:
It sounds cheap, but think about it. All the bartender has to do is open the can and hand it to you. Is that worth an extra dollar? Please note: drinks that take effort to make require a tip every time.

4 You're not sure if you're supposed to tip:
Here are some common sense "do tip" service providers: bartenders, pedicurists (the have to touch your feet), valets, taxi drivers, servers, coffee house baristas, hair stylists and pizza delivery people.

5 The service was terrible and you don't want to:
If the service was awful, don't feel obligated. But please, don't be like our dads and tell the server, "here's a tip: learn how to do your job."

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