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Teaching America

On the cover In the Roosevelt School District, schools are so poor they can't even afford to pay substitute teachers. If a full-time teacher ever gets sick, they are forced to split the teacher's students into two other classes for the day, packing some classrooms that are already close to full.

As of this article's printing, Arizona is being fined half a million dollars a day by the federal government until it finds a way to educate students who aren't proficient in English.

On Jan. 31, President Bush announced in his State of the Union address that the country is currently experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in the sciences and mathematics.

The Word on the Street: Talking to Strangers
Mani O'Brien greeted every stranger she saw for a week. Here she acosts CIS sophomore David McKenzie at the grocery store where they chat about how hard it is to make friends with strangers. The experiment gave O'Brien's confidence a boost. When you pass a stranger in a parking lot, the grocery store or in a class, most likely -- if you are anything like me -- you glance away, failing to acknowledge the presence of the other person, even if you are standing three feet away.

Maybe I'm too over-analytical and eager to please, a couple of my obsessive Virgo tendencies, but this situation bothers me every time it happens.

Breaking the Silence
graphic courtesy of John Leanos
A still frame of John Jota Leanos' short film Death can sometimes tell more than life.

At least that is the message that two local filmmakers.

Off Key: Phoenix has risen
As another weekend approaches, people will again lament what they see as an unchanging fact. "There's nothing to do in the Valley!" they'll cry, as they rush out to their favorite bar. They'll talk about how much better things would be if they were in New York or Los Angeles.

In the meantime, dozens of concerts will be left with dismal attendance numbers and lecturers will speak to half-filled halls.

Local Limelight: Q & A With Psyko Steve
Stephen Chilton, a promoter better known around the local music scene as "Psyko Steve," is about to put on a show that he hopes will bring Valley music fans together.

Here's Your Bill: That student loan money doesn't last forever
We know that going to school is expensive -- we pay tuition, too. But we doubt that anything we write is going to enlighten the Arizona Board of Regents and make them lower tuition costs. Instead, let us to try to ease the financial burden with these suggestions for fiscal decisions you can make in order to save a few dollars and prepare for the future.

It's All Relative: Cell Phone Woes
Life without a cell phone is pretty much unimaginable these days. While in high school, your cell phone served the main purpose of letting Mom know when to pick you up from soccer practice, today it is likely the only phone you use or maybe even own. Cell phones have also become a status symbol and for all those trend setters who get to walk around talking on their fuchsia Motorola Razrs, well, lucky you.

Top 5 Awkward Tipping Situations
1 You're out with friends:
Sneak a glance at your friend's tabs and make sure to tip as much as they do. Unless you've got one of those food service working pals who over tips for good karma.

2 There isn't enough money left over:
Everyone claims to have paid their part of the bill, yet you're left with no money for a tip. We all know this is due to that cheapskate friend of yours, but don't stiff your server. Just cough up a few more dollars and give the penny pincher dirty looks all night.

Gadget Corner: Nintendo redux
If you ask us, none of their ideas were that great after 'Mario 3.' Except Yoshi -- we love that little guy.

Editorial: From the Edge
When I was 13, my parents both decided to quit their jobs and go back to school to become teachers. This is not something you do in your early 40s when you have three kids, unless you feel very passionately that you are called to do so.

We lived off their student loans and federal Pell Grants for the next four years (give or take), which is not a fun thing to do when you're in high school and really wish your parents would buy you a car for your birthday.

RC Helicopters

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