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ASU gets free music downloads

Illegally downloading music at ASU could be a thing of the past. Ruckus, a music and movie file-sharing system, is allowing anybody with an ASU e-mail address to legally download songs for free and share music with other users on campus.

The company began offering its music service for free in January. Users will not have to pay for the service until 2007.

Polytechnic Campus: Former Rwandan leader at Polytechnic campus tonight

Former head of Rwanda's parliament Joseph Sebarenzi will be presenting his "Peace, Reconciliation and Restorative Justice" lecture tonight at 7 P.M., in the Student Union Ballroom. This event will be the start of the Martin Luther King 2006 celebration at the Polytechnic campus.

During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, many of Sebarenzi's family members died, including his parents and seven siblings. During his time in Parliament, he said he did not believe in exacting revenge, but decided to push for peace and reconciliation.

Flu pandemic plans in the works

A worldwide flu pandemic could occur at some point in the future, and the Arizona Pandemic Flu Coordinating Committee is working on plans to prepare ASU in the case of such an emergency.

University campuses, especially those as large as ASU, are a focal point for a pandemic to start, said Dr. Gary Septon, ASU health director and member of the APFCC.

W Hoops: Battle-scarred Pariseau ready for home stand against Oregon State

Forward Kristen Kovesdy drives past a UCLA defender at Wells Fargo Arena Thursday.
It's not smeared mascara, it's a black eye. Isn't it?

Sophomore guard Reagan Pariseau said the last four days she's had to explain that the black dot under her eye isn't a make-up disaster -- it's a battle wound.

"Everyone keeps telling me that my mascara is smearing," Pariseau said. "They want me to wipe away the black under my eye, but I can't."

ASU women's basketball coach Charli Turner Thorne didn't know what the black under her eye was. "The little mark is weird; it's not a black eye," Turner Thorne said. "Who knows? It's kind of hard to know, but it's certainly a physical game."

Gymnastics: Devils loving new digs

For half an hour or more before each of its practices the last five seasons, the ASU gymnastics team felt more like vagabonds than collegiate athletes.

Different Strokes

On the cover
A scattering of regular patrons mills about the dimly lit room, stopping to chat at the edge of the small stage. Some wander into the side room to view the black and white photos of women in g-strings and oil paintings of two nude women in seductive embraces.

The Paper Heart gallery is calm on this third Thursday of the month. This is the night where the artists who currently have their work on display at the gallery come together, chatting casually at the beer and wine bar. Chatting with them is the gallery's owner, who seems part artist, part rocker with his straight, dark, shoulder-length hair and his bright red jacket.

Fashion: How to wear it

This spring, look for sophisticated styles reminiscent of 1960's tailored and clean-cut fashion lines that scream "good taste" and "high class."

For women, this means shirts with puffy capped sleeves and Peter Pan collars are must-haves. Wear one of these dressy tops under a fitted capped-sleeved blazer with a thick belt worn around the waist instead of the hips. Avoid wearing a long skirt with this look since you are covering so much skin on top already.
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