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Top 5: Web comics you should be reading

 by Zach Richter
 published on Thursday, February 2, 2006


1. Questionable Content:
This is hands-down the most emo comic on the Internet. It follows the non-adventures of Marten Reed as he pines for indie girls and listens to sad music. Plus there's a robot. Check it out at

2. The Perry Bible Fellowship:
Nothing is as happy as it seems in this comic where fathers accept money from monsters that eat their children and bear cops deal out justice. Click over to

3. Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth:
Flintlocke and friends traverse the world of Azeroth in search of "phat lewt." Along the way they make fun of longstanding high fantasy and online gaming myths. Find Flintlocke at

4. Dinosaur Comics:
Imagine the television show "Seinfeld." Now imagine the Jurassic era. Mix them together and this is what you get. See for yourself at

5. Indietits:
This is a comic about birds debating obscure music and bands. It is mostly stuff that wouldn't be okay for one person to say to another person -- unless both people think that babies with cancer are funny. Get offended at

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