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Simonhoff confirmed as USG VP

Alex Pasco, assistant director of public relations, and Elizabeth Simonhoff wait to hear the results of a vote to confirm Simonhoff as the new vice president of Undergraduate Student Government.
Business sophomore Elizabeth Simonhoff was confirmed as the new Undergraduate Student Government vice president Tuesday during a special Senate session meeting.

The position opened when Corinne Widmer, former USG vice president, moved to the office of president after Yaser Alamoodi resigned Jan. 20. "I'm so excited," Simonhoff said. "[The position of] vice president will give me an opportunity to work on behalf of students.

Ongoing hostility behind cancer research firings, employees claim

Two Cancer Research Institute employees whose jobs expired Friday said personal feelings - not funding losses - may have been motivation for their firings.

Thirty-one employees -- 14 full-time, three part-time, seven staff and seven student workers -- were let go Friday morning.

MLK rally recognizes student leadership

Bridgette Gomez, a secondary education senior, says hard work is the key to success, no matter a person's background.

Gomez, who volunteers to teach local homeless children, was recognized as a leader in diversity and community service Tuesday at ASU's Martin Luther King Jr. diversity rally.
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    Golf: Canizares bungles chance at seventh title

    Alejandro Canizares was three strokes away from his first tournament title in nine months Wednesday when disaster struck.

    Canizares triple-bogeyed the second to last hole, leaving the door open for UA's Henry Liaw and Texas' Matt Mills to catch him at nine-under in regulation and force a sudden-death tiebreaker.

    W Hoops: ASU Freshman guard, tough as nails

    The majority of fathers like to say they're responsible for the success of their child.
    Barry January is no different.

    "My dad claims, to this day, that he's helped me with my toughness and everything that could be related to me being a good player," freshman guard Briann January said.
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    Modern Warriors

    On the cover
    John, 22, and Cheston, 21, Bailon share a bond only brothers have. They finish each other's sentences, yet can communicate without words. The pair, both veterans of the current war in Iraq and corporals in the Marine Corps Reserve, have done everything together since childhood -- climbing mountains, attending the same schools and sharing the same dream of joining the military.

    Theirs is a bond not even the horrors of war or distance from their desert home could destroy. The brothers grew up on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock, N.M., and they say they never fought with each other. Sibling rivalry doesn't exist for these two -- their Navajo religion and culture taught them only to respect and love each other.

    On the Set: Celluloid Secret

    With more than 600 people expected to attend his latest movie's premiere, including representatives from Maxim Entertainment, Lions Gate Films and Harkins Theatres, filmmaker Zachary Yoshioka is a pretty big deal.

    But you would never know it from looking at this 24-year-old 2004 ASU graduate. With his shaggy, blonde and black streaked hair and baggy sweatshirt, Yoshioka looks more like a California beach bum than a movie-making prodigy who owns his own production company, Ballistic Entertainment.
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