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Crow drafts 8.5 percent tuition hike

ASU President Michael Crow proposed an 8.5 percent tuition increase for all resident students on the Tempe campus and a 5 percent increase for non-residents for the 2006-07 school year Monday.

The proposal also recommended a tuition increase of 3.5 percent, or $149, at the Polytechnic and West campuses to match the Higher Education Price Index, which estimates the increased cost of providing the same quality of programs, said Virgil Renzulli, vice president for public affairs.

Tempe council candidates debate strip club

Candidates running for Tempe City Council debated a proposed strip club, property taxes and light rail costs before a packed auditorium Monday.

About 100 people attended the candidate forum at Tempe City Hall.

Downtown students may need laptops

Students attending ASU's downtown campus in the fall may not have to wait in line at a computing commons to get online since they may be required to have a laptop.
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    Devils' Johnson back on track

    Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
    Sophomore Jacquelyn Johnson warms up during practice Tuesday.
    Every day you can go to a place as unassuming as the Student Recreation Complex to see it. It is on the basketball courts, the tennis courts and in the weight room. There, it is not about fans, or the spotlight, or even the glory.

    It simply comes down to a passion for the game. ASU sophomore Jacquelyn Johnson has just that. It propelled her to the 2004 NCAA title in the heptathlon as a freshman and keeps her reaching for more today. But for Johnson, what became a passion started out as pure energy.

    At age 7, Johnson was simply known as the energetic younger sister who loved to run around. "I was very hyper when I was little," Johnson said. "My mom was like, 'Go to track practice with your sister so you can waste some of that energy.'" It was at those practices where Walter McCloud, who was coaching the club track team at the time, first noticed Johnson. "She would always be playing and jumping around and climbing trees in the park," McCloud said.

    Golf: Devils stand in third place, trail host UA

    After the first day of competition, the ASU men's golf team finds itself near the top of the leaderboard at the PING-Arizona Intercollegiate in Tucson.
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    Modern Warriors

    On the cover
    John, 22, and Cheston, 21, Bailon share a bond only brothers have. They finish each other's sentences, yet can communicate without words. The pair, both veterans of the current war in Iraq and corporals in the Marine Corps Reserve, have done everything together since childhood -- climbing mountains, attending the same schools and sharing the same dream of joining the military.

    Theirs is a bond not even the horrors of war or distance from their desert home could destroy. The brothers grew up on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock, N.M., and they say they never fought with each other. Sibling rivalry doesn't exist for these two -- their Navajo religion and culture taught them only to respect and love each other.

    Spin this: Death From Above 1979

    Lately, there has been an influx of bands carrying on a genre of "sexual glamour indie-rock" the kind of music that you can picture someone doing intense pelvic thrusts to (i.e. Scissor Sisters, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand). Many of these bands are full of hype and have only moderate talent. However, Death From Above 1979 actually has the music to back up the image, but with a lot more rock involved.

    Off Key: Sex, Drugs and Photo Shoots

    When you write music reviews, unless you give everyone a glowing write-up, you're almost sure to get a few pieces of hate mail. Inevitably, you'll say the wrong thing about someone's favorite band, and they'll feel the need to enlighten you on exactly why Band X is the most punk act since the beginning of all things punk.
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