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Modern Warriors
On the cover
John, 22, and Cheston, 21, Bailon share a bond only brothers have. They finish each other's sentences, yet can communicate without words. The pair, both veterans of the current war in Iraq and corporals in the Marine Corps Reserve, have done everything together since childhood -- climbing mountains, attending the same schools and sharing the same dream of joining the military.

Theirs is a bond not even the horrors of war or distance from their desert home could destroy. The brothers grew up on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock, N.M., and they say they never fought with each other. Sibling rivalry doesn't exist for these two -- their Navajo religion and culture taught them only to respect and love each other.

On the Set: Celluloid Secret
Chelsea Kent / THE STATE PRESS
The cast and crew of With more than 600 people expected to attend his latest movie's premiere, including representatives from Maxim Entertainment, Lions Gate Films and Harkins Theatres, filmmaker Zachary Yoshioka is a pretty big deal.

But you would never know it from looking at this 24-year-old 2004 ASU graduate. With his shaggy, blonde and black streaked hair and baggy sweatshirt, Yoshioka looks more like a California beach bum than a movie-making prodigy who owns his own production company, Ballistic Entertainment.

Money Talks: Wage Wars
Members of the ASU Greens meet at Three Roots Cafe to discuss their campaign for a living wage for all Sodexho workers on campus. Imagine for a moment that it's Friday. Pay-day. Another $250 to your name, before taxes of course. By the end of the year, you'll have made a cool $13,000. You can assume a nice portion of that will end up going back to the government, and at least another $10,000 or so will end up with your landlord.

Healthy: Total Detox
It's 7 a.m. and the alarm clock is blaring in Gordana Stojanovic's ear. Groggily, the electrical engineering graduate student drags her body out of bed and gets ready for class.

Open Air: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch
bitch [bich]

1. Zoology : female dog: a female dog, or the female of another related animal, for example, the fox, or another carnivore, for example, the ferret

Fashion: Do and Do Not

Wear large belts:
A thick belt with a large buckle will kick-start any lackluster outfit. This trend looks best worn low across the hips on anything from jeans and a T-shirt to a skirt and cardigan. Basic blacks and browns look classicly cool when cinched at the waist over a slightly baggy dress or a button down dress shirt. -- Courtney Bonnell

Local Limelight: Q&A with Zac Casey
Zac Casey says he imagined himself going to ASU since he was a kid. After spending most of his life in Seattle's rain and fog, he was lured to the desert with the promise of year-round sunshine, and, as an ex-golfer, the nice golf courses in the area.

Casey, an education junior, came to the Valley armed with a guitar and an array of songs that has increased over the past three years. He recently released an EP titled Different the Same Way. A resident assistant in Manzanita Hall, Casey took a break from patrolling the halls to talk with SPM.

Off Key: Sex, Drugs and Photo Shoots
When you write music reviews, unless you give everyone a glowing write-up, you're almost sure to get a few pieces of hate mail. Inevitably, you'll say the wrong thing about someone's favorite band, and they'll feel the need to enlighten you on exactly why Band X is the most punk act since the beginning of all things punk.

Top 5: Local Coffee Houses
1. Gold Bar Espresso:

Gold Bar is family-owned by some of the nicest people you will ever meet, not to mention a delightful place to get your caffiene fix. Try a taste of their most popular drink, the mocha especiale, made with Ghiradelli chocolate. There is even a magic eight ball next to the register -- for those hard decisions.

Gadget Corner: Role to Play
Picture extreme high-speed racing featuring top-notch, tricked-out cars joined with brutal fast-paced blood sports.

Sounds terrific, right?

It's All Relative: Pro-choice and proud
I exercised my right to choose this week. Tuesday morning I got up with an uneasy feeling. I contemplated for a long stretch of time and finally decided that given my circumstance, it was the right alternative for me.

When I came to campus, I immediately felt that those around me knew my secret. I felt judged by my fellow students, their eyes lingering on me as they passed by.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Akron/Family and Angles of Light
Split CD
(Young Gods Records)
Four and a half out of five stars

Calendar: What's Happening
Andy Warhol's Dream America: screen prints from the collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family

The work of Andy Warhol, the man who made a can of Campbell's soup an icon, is up at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (7374 E. 2nd St., Scottsdale.) Catch his brilliant prints featuring pop culture legends from Marilyn Monroe to Mao. Admission is $5. For more information call 480-994-ARTS or visit -- Lucia Bill From top

Editorial: From the Edge
There's only one person in the world who really knows me. He's driven hours just to see me, held my hand during my most desperate lows and laughed with me through my highs. Is he some kind of super-boyfriend? Nope. He's my brother.

Since we were very young, Josh and I were inseparable. Even our fights had a feeling of camaraderie -- we'd scream, threaten each other and then promise, "I won't tell Mom if you won't."

RC Helicopters

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