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Students auction bodies as billboards

From left to right: Justin Halberg, undeclared; Kyle Kittleson, a real estate major; and Steven Rehmann, a business major, are three of five ASU students selling their bodies as billboards to fund their spring-break vacation to Mexico.
Five ASU students sold an unusual type of real estate to a mortgage company Monday - their own bodies. The students auctioned off their bodies as advertising space in an online auction to fund a trip to Mexico they're planning for spring break.

The 10-day eBay auction, which began at 99 cents, closed at $1,575 after 71 bids.
Negotiations with the top bidder, Wausau Mortgage Corporation, are not yet finalized, said Kyle Kittleson.

Downtown Tempe drum circle forced to relocate

Eight musicians improvise pounding, thumping patterns on bongo drums. The drummers encircle a few women who sway to the music. Other people kick a Hacky Sack around or mingle and smoke cigarettes in small groups.

This scene is a glimpse of a drum circle that performs every Saturday night at the park next to Tempe City Hall. But since late December, the group has migrated to the post office at Fifth Street and Mill Avenue.
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    M Hoops: Devils shoot blanks against Wildcats

    Joe Rondone / THE STATE PRESS
    Tyrone Jackson drives in on UAs Mustafa Shakur Wednesday at Wells Fargo Arena.
    If the ASU men's basketball team wants to end more than a decade of UA dominance, they're going to have to do it in Tucson.

    The Sun Devils shot themselves out of the game with a long drought from the field and the Wildcats pulled away for an 80-70 victory Wednesday night at Wells Fargo Arena.

    W Hoops: Road woes haunting women's hoops

    Less than a week after returning from California with two losses, the No. 19 ASU women's basketball teams will pack up its four-game road losing streak and head back out - this time to play Washington State at 8 p.m. today at Beasley Coliseum.
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    Modern Warriors

    On the cover
    John, 22, and Cheston, 21, Bailon share a bond only brothers have. They finish each other's sentences, yet can communicate without words. The pair, both veterans of the current war in Iraq and corporals in the Marine Corps Reserve, have done everything together since childhood -- climbing mountains, attending the same schools and sharing the same dream of joining the military.

    Theirs is a bond not even the horrors of war or distance from their desert home could destroy. The brothers grew up on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock, N.M., and they say they never fought with each other. Sibling rivalry doesn't exist for these two -- their Navajo religion and culture taught them only to respect and love each other.

    On the Set: Celluloid Secret

    With more than 600 people expected to attend his latest movie's premiere, including representatives from Maxim Entertainment, Lions Gate Films and Harkins Theatres, filmmaker Zachary Yoshioka is a pretty big deal.

    But you would never know it from looking at this 24-year-old 2004 ASU graduate. With his shaggy, blonde and black streaked hair and baggy sweatshirt, Yoshioka looks more like a California beach bum than a movie-making prodigy who owns his own production company, Ballistic Entertainment.

    Money Talks: Wage Wars

    Imagine for a moment that it's Friday. Pay-day. Another $250 to your name, before taxes of course. By the end of the year, you'll have made a cool $13,000. You can assume a nice portion of that will end up going back to the government, and at least another $10,000 or so will end up with your landlord.
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