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Rental properties could face new codes

Andrew Pericas / THE STATE PRESS
Hugh Hallman proposes that renters and owners in Tempe be limited to three registered vehicles per property at an Ad Hoc Rental Housing Task Force meeting Tuesday.
Rental-property registration and asking ASU to take a stronger role in educating renters, are two ways Tempe's rental housing committee agreed the city could combat growing issues like overcrowded neighborhoods and poorly-maintained properties Tuesday.

The Ad Hoc Rental Housing Task Force has debated the issue during several meetings over a four-month period, and agreed on recommendations for the City Council at the task force's final meeting.

ResLife revamps window policy

ASU administrators won't stop students from hanging up a Bob Marley poster in residence halls, but they hope students will think twice about it.

After nearly being sued in 2004 for forbidding political signs in windows, Residential Life is enacting a new protocol this semester in an effort to ease concerns about freedom of speech in the residence halls.
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    M Hoops: ASU 1-14 against UA under Evans

    Joe Rondone / THE STATE PRESS
    Antwi Atuahene drivesto the hoop during ASU's loss at home to Stanford Saturday.
    UA has picked on ASU for the past decade, but tonight at Wells Fargo Arena, the Sun Devils will try to stand up to their longtime bully.

    The Wildcats have won 14 of the 15 meetings during ASU coach Rob Evans' tenure, and 20 of the last 21 overall. The Sun Devils' lone victory came at home four years ago.

    Rugby: Club debuts new style at Pac-10s

    The ASU men's rugby club started its season with a bang, winning three of five matches at last weekend's Pac-10 tournament.
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    Big Enough

    On the cover
    A young man sits in the corner of a room by himself. He is wearing only ragged gym shorts and a white T-shirt. He stares intensly at the wall as sweat slowly beads around his face. After a few seconds, he stoops over and picks up the dumbbells that are resting at his feet. It's time for another set.

    To Shannon Fabian, working out is an obsession that started in high school. He says he started bulking up to overcome his lackluster performance on the track team and his social short-comings. Soon he became infatuated with the goal of getting bigger. Grueling hours of torturous lifting became an escape from reality as well as a daily ritual for Fabian. He says he was "saved," by the gym.

    Off Key: Give Bono a Break

    Every year, Time magazine picks a mover and a shaker to name as its Person of the Year. This year, they chose three: Bill and Melinda Gates, and U2's Bono, all of whom join a group including Adolf Hitler and "the Computer."

    While the choice of the Gates' didn't turn many heads, a lot of people had a problem with Bono's selection. What was this outspoken singer doing receiving the same award as groundbreaking politicians, scientists and businessmen?
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