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Lot 59 being split into three areas

According to city of Tempe transit authorities, Apache Boulevard. will be closed from College Avenue to 10th Street Tuesday until Thursday. Gammage Parkway and Forest Avenue will also be closed Tuesday until Thursday.
Certain Lot 59 decal holders might have to trek a little farther to get to class next fall, when the lot will be divided into three separate parking areas.

Each lot will have its own decal designation. West of Rural Road, areas south of Rio Salado Parkway will be called Lot 59 Proper, and lots north of Rio Salado Parkway will be 59 North. The parking area east of Rural Road at Sixth Street will be 59 East.

Abortion case anniversary brings out campus activists

Abortion rights groups set up tables on Hayden Lawn, handed out brightly colored condoms, sold pins that said, "I love female orgasm" and talked to students about abortion issues Monday.

Acupuncture helps get the chi flowing

Students who want to unblock their "chi" can now visit the Campus Health Service for acupuncture therapy.

Dr. Stefanie Schroeder, chief of medical staff at the ASU Health and Wellness Center, has offered acupuncture clinics three days a week for treatment of a variety of health conditions since September.
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    International treasure

    Joe Rondone / THE STATE PRESS
    Joona Puhakka prepares for a dive during a meet at Mona Plummer Aquatic Center Saturday.
    Sixteen years ago, senior Joona Puhakka decided that he was going to be an Olympic diver. Unfazed by the mammoth goal of earning the right to compete against the world's best, the ambitious 7-year-old from Helsinki, Finland, never wavered from his pursuit of greatness.

    Eleven years later, Puhakka was selected to compete for his country in Sydney for the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. "For me, when I went to Sydney, it was a huge step to understand my ability and how good I can be," he said.

    The next year, as Puhakka continued to climb the ranks as a high-school senior, ASU diving coach Mark Bradshaw was struggling to recruit from the American pool of athletes.

    Hoops: Pendergraph expected to play against UA

    It had to be comforting for ASU when freshman center Jeff Pendergraph caught an entrance pass, spun baseline and threw down a reverse dunk at practice Monday, even if nobody was guarding him.
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    Big Enough

    On the cover
    A young man sits in the corner of a room by himself. He is wearing only ragged gym shorts and a white T-shirt. He stares intensly at the wall as sweat slowly beads around his face. After a few seconds, he stoops over and picks up the dumbbells that are resting at his feet. It's time for another set.

    To Shannon Fabian, working out is an obsession that started in high school. He says he started bulking up to overcome his lackluster performance on the track team and his social short-comings. Soon he became infatuated with the goal of getting bigger. Grueling hours of torturous lifting became an escape from reality as well as a daily ritual for Fabian. He says he was "saved," by the gym.

    Religion: Darwin vs. Dogma

    With the latest classroom scandal involving scientific theory, and trials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas and California, the conflict between religion and science is again under the glare of public scrutiny.

    But the inherent struggle between the two disciplines is always on the minds of researchers and professors at ASU's Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, says the Center's assistant director, Carolyn Forbes. "Our role is to bring together energy from different disciplines to focus on problems that need scholarly attention," Forbes says.
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