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Alamoodi resigns from student government

On Friday, Yaser Alamoodi resigned from his post as Undergraduate Student Government president.

And on Saturday, he celebrated.

Former VP Widmer takes over as president

Corinne Widmer is looking forward to advocating on behalf of higher education as she takes on the new role of Undergraduate Student Government President.

Widmer, the former USG vice president and a political science senior, took over as president Friday after Yaser Alamoodi resigned, citing personal and financial constraints.

"It's going to be a very seamless, easy transition for me because I have a lot of experience working in politics and working on political campaigns" with ASU's Young Democrats, she said. "I think that experience will help me with my new position as president."
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    Gymnastics hold off late UA rally

    The final word took long enough, but it was worth the wait.

    The No. 17 ASU gymnastics team could only stand and watch from the west tunnel of Wells Fargo Arena as judges recounted scores from its nail-biter dual meet with intrastate rival UA.

    Baseball: Devils warm up for season by icing alums

    ASU baseball fans got their first glimpse of the 2006 Sun Devils on Saturday as Alumni Weekend concluded with the annual alumni game.
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    Big Enough

    On the cover
    A young man sits in the corner of a room by himself. He is wearing only ragged gym shorts and a white T-shirt. He stares intensly at the wall as sweat slowly beads around his face. After a few seconds, he stoops over and picks up the dumbbells that are resting at his feet. It's time for another set.

    To Shannon Fabian, working out is an obsession that started in high school. He says he started bulking up to overcome his lackluster performance on the track team and his social short-comings. Soon he became infatuated with the goal of getting bigger. Grueling hours of torturous lifting became an escape from reality as well as a daily ritual for Fabian. He says he was "saved," by the gym.

    Religion: Darwin vs. Dogma

    With the latest classroom scandal involving scientific theory, and trials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas and California, the conflict between religion and science is again under the glare of public scrutiny.

    But the inherent struggle between the two disciplines is always on the minds of researchers and professors at ASU's Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, says the Center's assistant director, Carolyn Forbes. "Our role is to bring together energy from different disciplines to focus on problems that need scholarly attention," Forbes says.
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