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Big Enough
On the cover
A young man sits in the corner of a room by himself. He is wearing only ragged gym shorts and a white T-shirt. He stares intensly at the wall as sweat slowly beads around his face. After a few seconds, he stoops over and picks up the dumbbells that are resting at his feet. It's time for another set.

To Shannon Fabian, working out is an obsession that started in high school. He says he started bulking up to overcome his lackluster performance on the track team and his social short-comings. Soon he became infatuated with the goal of getting bigger. Grueling hours of torturous lifting became an escape from reality as well as a daily ritual for Fabian. He says he was "saved," by the gym.

Religion: Darwin vs. Dogma
Religion and science make strange bedfellows, but the Center for Religion and Conflict hopes to promote peaceful conversation about both during a lecture on intelligent design. With the latest classroom scandal involving scientific theory, and trials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas and California, the conflict between religion and science is again under the glare of public scrutiny.

But the inherent struggle between the two disciplines is always on the minds of researchers and professors at ASU's Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, says the Center's assistant director, Carolyn Forbes. "Our role is to bring together energy from different disciplines to focus on problems that need scholarly attention," Forbes says.

Garbage: Waste Not
With a campus recycling rate of only 13-percent, it's no suprise this bin isn't even half full. When Kerry Suson talks about his job, there is a noticeably excited demeanor about him. His eyes widen as he talks hurriedly, and in great detail, about his passion: recycling. Suson is the recycling program coordinator for ASU. In fact, he is the only paid full-time staff member for the recycling program.

Gadget Corner: A note from your spam folder
Dear ASU Students,

Hey everyone, it's me, that annoying spam folder that sits at the bottom of your e-mail box. Although I have a tendency to collect important e-mails that you do need from professors and co-workers and to fail to weed out the advertisements for "Viagraaa," I have some important news for you.

Off Key: Give Bono a Break
Every year, Time magazine picks a mover and a shaker to name as its Person of the Year. This year, they chose three: Bill and Melinda Gates, and U2's Bono, all of whom join a group including Adolf Hitler and "the Computer."

While the choice of the Gates' didn't turn many heads, a lot of people had a problem with Bono's selection. What was this outspoken singer doing receiving the same award as groundbreaking politicians, scientists and businessmen?

It's All Relative: Body Issues
The big news over winter break: Lindsay Lohan admitted to an eating disorder. Ohmygod. I totally didn't see that coming. Umm, actually, yeah I did. The progressive shrinking of Hollywood's youngest tramp, covered for months by tabloids, was kind of a give away.

Good news is that after getting her own Vanity Fair cover and plenty of press coverage, Linds is okay. Now we're just waiting for Nicole Richie to drop the "shocking-shocking!" news on us.

Local Limelight: The Minibosses

Photo courtesy of The Minibosses
The Minibosses might cover Nintendo songs, but you don't have to be a video game nerd, (umm... we mean fan), to appreciate the music. Catch their CD release show this Saturday at the Modified Arts. If you walk into a club with a tribute band on the bill, what do you expect to hear? "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Crazy Train," perhaps?

What if instead of classic rock your ears were treated to tunes from your childhood -- songs that played while your mother nagged you to turn off the TV and go outside?

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Chan Marshall, the woman more commonly referred to as Cat Power, has the ability to draw tears from even the most callous souls, using only her voice and a piano. --

Tarantula AD has a knack for blending varied instrumentation, warm production and sludgy metal riffing to create a spacey, richly textured vibe.

Editorial: From the Edge
Body issues. I have them, and I can pretty much guarantee you do too. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, how slender your thighs are, or how big your biceps --

I bet you can list at least three things you don't like about your body right now off the top of your head. I can, though I'm not self-depreciating enough to actually do so in print.

RC Helicopters

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