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Campus construction continues

A recent donation of one million dollars from Phoenix-based CORE Construction is being used to fund the restoration of Old Main.
ASU's largest construction project is almost finished, but other sites continue to force detours and delays.

The new Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 1 should be finished by the end of this month, but renovations to the Old Main Lawn will continue through the spring semester.

ASU has been working on ISTB1, the largest University construction project in the works, since June 2004 and expects the building to be finished this month.

The 180,000-square-foot building is located between the ASU Bookstore and the Engineering Research Center.

ASU has been working on ISTB1, the largest University construction project in the works, since June 2004 and expects the building to be finished this month.

Study: 11 million have shown up to work hungover

A night of drinking with friends last year was fun for psychology and justice studies senior Andrew Tarango - until he had to show up for work the next day.

"It was horrible," he said about the one-time experience. "I was still drunk when I came to work." Tarango said he'd only had about two hours of sleep and felt sick. He wasn't alone.
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    Center of attention

    Joe Rondone / THE STATE PRESS
    Jeff Pendergraph shoots a jump hook over Bruno Claudino during practice at Wells Fargo Arena Tuesday. Pendergraph will be a starter in tonight's game against California.
    When a second team All-American bolts for the NBA a year early, it can leave a gaping hole in the middle of the lineup. Freshman center Jeff Pendergraph wanted to help fill the void left by Ike Diogu, but he knew he had to earn his opportunity.

    "I was tired of sitting down," he said. "I wanted to play really bad, but I knew I had to wait my turn. When coach was ready to put me in, I had to be ready to perform." Pendergraph is proving to be worth the wait. He saw limited action early in the season, but played his way into the starting lineup after a breakout game in a 75-71 loss to Utah Valley State on Dec. 10, in which he scored a career-high 20 points off the bench and pulled down nine rebounds.

    Devils gear up for road trip

    All season long, ASU women's basketball coach Charli Turner Thorne has commended her group of freshmen for adapting so quickly to college basketball.
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    Big Enough

    On the cover
    A young man sits in the corner of a room by himself. He is wearing only ragged gym shorts and a white T-shirt. He stares intensly at the wall as sweat slowly beads around his face. After a few seconds, he stoops over and picks up the dumbbells that are resting at his feet. It's time for another set.

    To Shannon Fabian, working out is an obsession that started in high school. He says he started bulking up to overcome his lackluster performance on the track team and his social short-comings. Soon he became infatuated with the goal of getting bigger. Grueling hours of torturous lifting became an escape from reality as well as a daily ritual for Fabian. He says he was "saved," by the gym.

    Religion: Darwin vs. Dogma

    With the latest classroom scandal involving scientific theory, and trials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas and California, the conflict between religion and science is again under the glare of public scrutiny.

    But the inherent struggle between the two disciplines is always on the minds of researchers and professors at ASU's Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, says the Center's assistant director, Carolyn Forbes. "Our role is to bring together energy from different disciplines to focus on problems that need scholarly attention," Forbes says.

    Garbage: Waste Not

    When Kerry Suson talks about his job, there is a noticeably excited demeanor about him. His eyes widen as he talks hurriedly, and in great detail, about his passion: recycling. Suson is the recycling program coordinator for ASU. In fact, he is the only paid full-time staff member for the recycling program.
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