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Almoodi protests Playboy reality show, no one cares

Filming to start Jan. '06

 published on Thursday, December 8, 2005


In case you haven't figured this out, Stale Mess is just a bunch of made up stories. It's as fake as your "Kate Spade" purse that's "hecho en Mexico." As fake as the breasts on the Playboy playmates, our USG president wants to ban. It's possibly even faker. It's content is not to be taken seriously. Stale Mess is fake, fake, fake. Any resemblance to actual people (unless, of course, those actual people are public figures, in which case their quotes are still fake) is purely accidental. Enjoy. And remember: it's fake.

Hundreds of ASU students chose to bunny-hunt rather than attend class yesterday, thanks to Playboy magazine.

Crowds of up to 80 students were seen stumbling and shoving each other yesterday in the hopes of getting some time with one of the 12 Playboy models present on ASU's main campus.

ASU can expect to see the models featured in the 2005 Playboy calendar on campus frequently over the next six weeks, said Vincent Rendulli, vice president of student affairs.

The visit from Playboy representatives is part of the filming of a new reality series, "Battle to be a Playmate," which will air in 2006, said Playboy representative Rick Skumbaugh.

"Battle to be Playmate" will feature footage of ASU students who are auditioning for photo shoots in next year's calendar. The calendar models are part of the promotions campaign to get students interested in auditioning for the show, Skumbaugh said.

Playboy chose to hold auditions at ASU after evaluating a list of 50 other colleges across the U.S., Skumbaugh said. "ASU has the party atmosphere and natural-looking hotties we're looking for," he said.

Meanwhile, USG president Yaser Almoodi has made several attempts to stop the show.

Yesterday afternoon, Alamoodi hosted a rally on Hayden Lawn, joined by the preacher guy and 10 other students in protest of the presence of Playboy models on campus.

"It's a complete disgrace," he yelled to the small crowd and waving his arms. "These women have no right to be naked."

Education freshman Julie Modelli, who is one of the 120 girls signed up to audition for the show, said that she has a right to do what she wants with her body.

"I'm sorry if my hotness makes people uncomfortable, you know it's jealousy," she said. "I bet everyone at that protest would buy a copy if I made it in."

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