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Entertainment Boxer-Briefs: 50 Cent auditions ASU talent for video

 published on Thursday, December 8, 2005


In case you haven't figured this out, Stale Mess is just a bunch of made up stories. It's as fake as your "Kate Spade" purse that's "hecho en Mexico." As fake as the breasts on the Playboy playmates, our USG president wants to ban. It's possibly even faker. It's content is not to be taken seriously. Stale Mess is fake, fake, fake. Any resemblance to actual people (unless, of course, those actual people are public figures, in which case their quotes are still fake) is purely accidental. Enjoy. And remember: it's fake.

TEMPE - Rap artist 50 Cent announced Wednesday his plans to film his newest music video at Arizona State University. His newest song titled "Gullible" will feature only the most committed and attractive fans, said 50 Cent's representatives.

In order to audition for the video, participants are asked to meet at the Memorial Union this Saturday at 5 a.m. Students are asked to have a 50 Cent song in mind that they will be required to rap while wearing nothing but black socks.

Those who impress the judges will have the opportunity to appear as extras on the set of "Gullible," his representatives said.

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