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From the Edge: Editorial

 by Megan Irwin  published on Thursday, December 1, 2005

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The walls of my office are lined with sugar-free Red Bull cans. Literally. In mid-October I noticed my consumption of Red Bull jumped to the disgusting consumption of three cans a day. So I started saving the cans I drink in my SPM office -- a visual testament to the fact I have way too much to do. There are currently 50 empty cans in a row on my shelves.

I figured out that since the first week of September, I've swallowed 210 cans, of the stuff. That's 13.1 gallons.

But what can I say? I need my Red Bull to get myself through the day, to survive my weekends in retail hell and to do my homework

I guess I could cut something out of my life. I could quit my retail job, but then I couldn't pay rent. I could give up this magazine, but that's like asking me to give up my firstborn child. So it appears I'm sticking with my chemical addiction for now.

The people in this week's cover story ("High Marks," page 8) all understand my need for some kind of chemical to get through the day. The difference is these students use a riskier chemical: the prescription drug Adderall.

Adderall keeps you up all night. It focuses your thoughts and can really help with those last minute cramming sessions. It also dangerously speeds up your heart rate, messes with your brain's neurotransmitters and can stick users and pushers with a class IV felony charge.

I can understand the pressure to perform well under extreme stress. I can understand chemical dependency. I can even understand the temptation of wanting to use this miracle drug. Still, for me the risks just aren't worth it.

If you need me, I'll be at Campus Corner, replenishing my Red Bull supply.

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