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Top 5: Best places to sleep on campus

 by Sam Friedman
 published on Thursday, December 1, 2005



1. Hayden Library:
The original sanctuary for ASU's secret sleeping community, the library offers a multitude of cozy snoozing spots. So without further adieu: Put your feet up, get your books out, start reading ... and slowly drift away.

2. The MU -- Scoular Study Room:
Better known for its impressive wood-burning fire, this small extension of the MU offers the finest facilities in post-lunch relaxation. Envelope yourself in a huge, comfy chair, and let the warm glow of the firelight gently weigh down your eyelids.

3. The Secret Garden:
Escape the hustle and bustle (and students with digital cameras) of Palm Walk and discover ASU's private oasis of flora and fauna. A shady spot awaits. Lie down and rest your pretty head on the green grass.

4. Hayden Lawn -- The Nipple of Knowledge:
Fancy an elevated siesta? This circular teat of enlightenment can offer both sun and shade.

5. Beat-Up Sofa, lobby of the Dance Department -- Fine Arts Center:
Obscure? Yes. But sometimes you must be willing to hunt for solace. Negotiate the corridors of the fine art building and you will eventually find a shabby '80s sofa. Position yourself perfectly in the middle (the springs will pop up and catch you if you lay on the sides) and sink gloriously into slumber-land.

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