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Calendar: What's happening

 by Chelsea Ide  published on Thursday, December 1, 2005

<em>Photo courtesy of KRT Wire</em>/issues/arts/695151
Photo courtesy of KRT Wire
Calvin Johnson/issues/arts/695151
Calvin Johnson


Saturday, Dec. 3
While we at SPM sure do love the holiday season -- mostly the presents, top-shelf liquor and people being nice to us, it can also be stressful. One of our editors works in retail, and to be honest, we're impressed she's still functional after the hordes started mobbing her store last Friday. With all the stuff we hate about December (including the extra five pounds) we have nothing on the folks putting on the 20th Annual Bad X-Mas Pageant at the Paper Heart, 750 NW Grand Ave., Phoenix, on Saturday, Dec. 3. These artists, comedians and filmmakers are bitter. Really bitter. The Heart's Web site boasts, "The mittens are coming off. It'll [the pageant] be barehanded contact this time." The gallery means it. The ultimate Christmas bashing poem "Christ Climbed Down" will be performed, along with the showing of some video favorites including the pseudo-PSA "The Policeman is Your Friend" and "Rudolph the Tourette Syndrome Reindeer." It's a night of tasteless humor and a whole lot of beer for the low price of $5 -- and because it's the season of giving the money will be donated to Andre House (a local charity helping Phoenix's less fortunate). For the full skinny, scope --Chelsea Ide

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