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Local Limelight: Q&A with Perry Allen

 by Ben Horowitz
 published on Thursday, December 1, 2005

<em>Photo courtesy of Perry Allen</em><br>
He cheated our survey (thatís minus like 50 scene points, Perry), but heís so damn nice we just canít say pissed off. Check Perry Allen out at the Paper Heart next week./issues/arts/695145
Photo courtesy of Perry Allen
He cheated our survey (thatís minus like 50 scene points, Perry), but heís so damn nice we just canít say pissed off. Check Perry Allen out at the Paper Heart next week.


Perry Allen is like a lot of high school seniors in the Valley. He goes to school, he hangs out with his friends and he has a part-time job at a pancake joint. Allen has also released two of his own albums, played on stages all over the Phoenix area and has now won SPM's first Scene Points contest. We must shake our fist slightly at him -- Allen won by asking all his friends to vote only in his category. We wouldn't feel so cheated if they'd at least contributed to the other 15 categories in our poll. Still, he's a sweet kid, so we guess we forgive him.

Allen talked with us during the Thanksgiving break about high school, playing shows and crying alone.

SPM: So, what are some of the hip, new trends us old college folk might be missing out on?

Allen: (laughs) I'm not really sure. Maybe if I was part of the cool crowd, I'd be able to tell you. I'm more like the loser kid who stays at home and cries when everyone else is out.

SPM: So you graduate this year. What're your plans for the future?

Allen: I've been accepted to Baird College in New York. I grew up in New York and take a lot of trips back, and it's where I've always considered home.

SPM: How has going to a charter school for music [Allen attends the Arizona School for the Arts] impacted your attitude and action toward music? Are there lots of bands?

Allen: There're a couple bands on campus -- most of the kids are into symphonic music and stuff like that. It's been great. If I ever had a question, it's helpful to be able to ask other people.

SPM: What about your teachers? Do you ever get flak for staying out late, or special treatment for being a rock star?

Allen: Every now and then, I'll see a teacher coming to one of my shows. Sometimes when I'm in class, the teachers will put one my CDs on in the background.

SPM: Your albums were recorded with a backing band, but you perform solo. Is it just too hard to get a band together on a regular basis or something?

Allen: As for the recording, maybe it's a control thing or something, but I wrote all the music myself and played all the instruments, except drums. I've tried to put a live band together a couple times, but mostly I like the intimate feel of just me and my guitar. I understand that it might be more dynamic with a full band or whatever, but I just love that feeling.

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