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High Marks
On the cover
A 15-page term paper looms over her head and a blank computer screen stares her in the face. After a week of this scenario, sociology senior Christine* decides to try a new approach to studying, something she's never done before: take a prescription pill to focus her concentration.

Her pill of choice is Adderall, a prescription central nervous system stimulant used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity, disorders she does not have. In other words, Christine took an amphetamine to get her paper done. Christine swallows 5 mg of the drug -- half a pill -- around 5 p.m. on a Thursday evening at her parent's house. She says as she drives home a few hours later, the pill starts to kick in.

Cheering Up
Justice studies junior Rachel Freeman doesn't mind cheering for a losing team. Rachel Freeman always has a smile on her face. And as an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, it is amazing she can keep a happy expression, given the team's lack of success.

The crowd of more than 30,000 people erupts in a sea of moans and boos as Cardinals' quarterback Kurt Warner throws an interception during a recent game at Sun Devil Stadium.

Bar Talk: Thirsty Thursday
ASU schedules 50 percent fewer classes on Friday than the rest of the week, making Thursday the start of the weekend. Weíll raise our glass to that. On Thursday night McDuffy's bar on Fifth Street and Ash Avenue is crammed. A huge inflatable Corona bottle sits proudly at the bar's entrance, enticing hordes of alcohol-thirsty students. Outside, the line zigzags and reaches all the way around the parking lot.

TV Thrills: Come on Down
Photo by Tiffany Tcheng/State Press Magazine
Junior Ashley Robota made her television debut on "Come on down! You're the next contestant on 'The Price Is Right!'"

Although game-show buffs may hear this phrase in every morning's episode, biology junior Ashley Robota heard it directed at her.

Locks: Hair Raising
In the class Rebecca Stanton, a math sophomore, has styled her hair in dreadlocks for four years, she says. With thick blonde locks falling to her mid-back, she says people often make assumptions about who she is based on her hairstyle.

Local Limelight: Q&A with Perry Allen

Photo courtesy of Perry Allen
He cheated our survey (thatís minus like 50 scene points, Perry), but heís so damn nice we just canít say pissed off. Check Perry Allen out at the Paper Heart next week. Perry Allen is like a lot of high school seniors in the Valley. He goes to school, he hangs out with his friends and he has a part-time job at a pancake joint. Allen has also released two of his own albums, played on stages all over the Phoenix area and has now won SPM's first Scene Points contest.

Gadget Corner: Movie Machine
Renting a DVD no longer means driving all the way to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

The new One Force DVD rental machine in the basement of the Memorial Union combines the ease of a vending machine with the convenience of more than 100 DVD titles.

Culture Shock: Humanitarian Hero
A well-known hero who saved thousands of lives is coming to Phoenix on Dec. 8.

Paul Rusesabagina, the subject of the movie "Hotel Rwanda," will speak at the Arizona Biltmore as a guest of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix.

Top 5: Best places to sleep on campus
1. Hayden Library:
Put your feet up, get your books out, start reading ... and slowly drift away.

The New Black: Do's and Do Not's
Wear heels with jeans: Though winter may have stolen away skirts in a blast of cold air, heels still remain a perfectly viable component of daily attire, especially when paired with a nice pair of jeans. The casual, but classy look is perfect for a lunch date, or an evening walk along even Scottsdale's sidewalks. -- Ryan Kost

Calendar: What's happening
Saturday, Dec. 3
While we at SPM sure do love the holiday season -- mostly the presents, top-shelf liquor and people being nice to us, it can also be stressful. One of our editors works in retail, and to be honest, we're impressed she's still functional after the hordes started mobbing her store last Friday.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
Despite their hometown of San Clemente, Calif., the young gents in Bril are best described as Brit-pop.

With Honor is a modern hardcore band more in the vein of Bane or Reach the Sky than some of the more watered-down, breakdown-heavy bands Victory Records has offered lately.

Scene Points: Winners' Circle
All right folks, I gave you four weeks to vote in the first annual Scene Points Readers' Poll ("Scene Points: Scene Stuff," Oct. 27), and you know what that means -- it's time for the results.

You may have forgotten due to the stress of impending finals, but I promised that whichever band won the "Best Local Band" category would be featured as this week's Local Limelight. If you scan to your left you'll find the winner, 17-year-old Conor Oberst wannabe Perry Allen, is featured.

From the Edge: Editorial
The walls of my office are lined with sugar-free Red Bull cans. Literally. In mid-October I noticed my consumption of Red Bull jumped to the disgusting consumption of three cans a day. So I started saving the cans I drink in my SPM office -- a visual testament to the fact I have way too much to do. There are currently 50 empty cans in a row on my shelves.

I figured out that since the first week of September, I've swallowed 210 cans, of the stuff. That's 13.1 gallons.

RC Helicopters

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