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From the Edge: Editorial

 by Megan Irwin  published on Thursday, November 10, 2005

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Editor in Chief


Americans don't realize how good they have it. This is a cliche statement. But perhaps there is a reason it's so often spoken -- it's true. Our government does not authorize the rape of women as a weapon to use against political dissenters. When an American father leaves the house to get medicine for his sick children, all he has to do is drive a few blocks to Walgreen's. He never has to fear government soldiers will shoot him as he purchases Tylenol to break his baby's fever.

Things are different for a large portion of the rest of the world. In some countries trying to take care of your children can hand you a death sentence if you're not careful.

For people in these countries, escape is a constant dream. Some of them realize this dream and find asylum in safer, more stable countries like America. But once these refugees reach safety, a whole new set of problems arises.

Imagine arriving in a strange land. You don't speak the language. You might be well qualified for a job but since you evacuated your home under life- threatening conditions, you have no way to prove it and have to take a minimum-wage job. You have children to care for. You don't know what's become of your family back home. You might not be in immediate physical danger, but life is still pretty scary.

For the subjects of this week's cover story ("In a Strange Land," page 8) this is a reality. Luckily, a group of ASU students, through and organization called COAR, is working to make the transition a little easier. They provide refugees with the basics they need to adjust to America, as well as providing a sense of community to make this bewildering new life a little less frightening.

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