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Top 5: Worst Part-Time Job

 by Ben Horowitz
 published on Thursday, November 10, 2005

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1. Office Work:
It's amazing how many euphemisms the business world can come up with for its filing lackeys. Whether it's a "business intern," "office assistant" or "organizational specialist," you're going to end up spending hours alphabetizing and re-alphabetizing three years worth of paperwork.

2. Phone Surveyor:
It isn't the rude responses or the name-calling that gets you down; it's the fact that you may work a five-hour shift on the phone without having one real conversation.

3. Club Doorperson:
Imagine sitting by a door for hours at a place not quite rowdy enough to hire bouncers. Can you put a dollar value on sitting through flirtations from drunken women old enough to be your mother?

4. Grocery Store Clerk:
For some reason, people just hate waiting in line at the grocery store. Seriously, just try to have a good chat with someone beyond "Paper or plastic?" and chances are you'll be met by a forced smile and a look that all but burns a hole in your apron.

5. Costumed Character:
It's bad enough standing around and acting like an idiot for hours on end, but have you ever worn a lizard suit outside in the 100-degree heat?

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