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In a Strange Land

A bustling community exists at the Arcadia Palms apartment complex in Phoenix. Residents visit each other while their small children play on an old swing set in the courtyard. But when their mothers call them to come inside, they don't do it in English.

More than 10 Somalian refugee families live at the apartment complex. While one newly arrived family moves a blue mattress and an orange couch into their new home, Ayan Abdi and her family sit in their living room watching a surfing movie.

Off the Vine: Vino 101
No more Carlo Rossi for you; SPM's wine guide teaches you to be classy on a budget. With blockbuster movies like "Sideways" and wine bars popping up in every major city, more college students are interested in the mysterious world of wine.

Yet with piggy bank pennies going toward rising tuition and uncountable cases of Coors Light for beer pong extravaganzas, picking up a bottle of pinot noir is far from the to-do list.

The G Book: Unlikely Entrepreneurs
The G Book was born of hard work, inspiration and the need for beer money. Here Jay Morganstern, Jeff Huting and Kenn Cotterman view their creation next to the G Book Monte Carlo. The situation couldn't have been more stereotypical: Two college-age guys sit on their porch, with $7 between them, trying to think of a way to get money for beer.

Stripped: Private Dancer
Luke Lowrey talks about his three-year career as a stripper like it was a typical part-time job.

"I never thought I would be doing it this long," he says, flashing his straight white teeth.

Gadget Corner: Flashy Friends
Next time you need to save those important class notes and term papers, try out the new mimobots. They might look like children's toys, but these cute characters are actually flash memory drives.

Mimoco's first set of the colorful disk drives is the Cosmo Series mimobots -- protobot0, protobot1, isadore and fairybit.

Culture Shock: Counter Culture
Quality control is a hard thing to achieve at an open-mic night. Still, creative performers are what sets Counter Culture Cafe's Wednesday nights apart from other open-mic nights across the Valley, says owner Money Yuhnke, a 26-year-old Valley native.

Impromptu host of last week's event Jane Joyce, 22, agrees.

Top 5: Worst Part-Time Job
Tiffany Tcheng / THE DAILY BRUIN
2. Phone Surveyor:
It isn't the rude responses or the name-calling that gets you down; it's the fact that you may work a five-hour shift on the phone without having one real conversation.

3. Club Doorperson:
Imagine sitting by a door for hours at a place not quite rowdy enough to hire bouncers. Can you put a dollar value on sitting through flirtations from drunken women old enough to be your mother?

On Stage:The Format coming to campus
Homegrown band The Format will return to its Valley roots Thursday night for a performance at the ASU Arboretum.

The Peoria-bred group will play at ASU in conjunction with the Programming and Activities Board concert series.

SoundRave: Breaking down musical boundaries
For students stuck in Arizona this Veterans Day weekend, the ASU Herberger College's School of Music and Gammage Auditorium are hosting the five-hour musical marathon "SoundRave" beginning at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Creating the boundary-breaking show was a longtime dream of Gary Hill, the director of bands at the ASU School of Music.

The New Black: Do or Do Not
Wear a blouse with puffy sleeves or ruffles.

Think Renaissance style when it comes to buying fashionable tops this season. Button-down blouses with capped sleeves and lacy accents have a unique look and feminine quality that scream good taste.

Do Not:
Wear head-to-toe pink.

Dousing yourself in any bright color from your hat to your pants to your shoes is distracting and seems like a desperate cry for attention.

Local Limelight: Q&A with Ember Coast

Photo courtesy of Ember Coast Tempe's resident melodic rock band Ember Coast enjoys spending quality time with the Cartoon Network. When the members aren't in front of the TV, the band is promoting its new album, Up.

Ember Coast's members are singer Sean Brennan, guitarist Nathan Hardy, bassist Jason Hardy and drummer Ethan Pajak. SPM caught up with Brennan and Nathan Hardy to discuss cartoons, comics and refrigerator must-haves.

Liner Notes: CD Reviews
The members of Daughters of Fission say that they are glad to be playing at a time when "heavy" and "avant garde" music are more widely accepted; however, abandonatomy doesn't sound particulary heavy or avant garde.

If Supergrass's past records are anywhere near as creative and fun as Road to Rouen, there's really no reason why they remain under the pop radar. The album is a great soundtrack for the fall, matching mellow moods with creative songwriting to create gems from the album's start to finish.

Calendar: What's happening
Denver natives Vaux will hit up the Modified Arts, 407 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, with their unique solid rock sound (think Thrice plus Queens of the Stone Age) on Friday, Nov. 11. The band especially needs love this time out, because as of Oct. 31, the quartet parted with its label, Lava/Atlantic.

Vaux just finished an impressive new album, Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice, which was scheduled to hit stores this month, but the label is holding the record hostage.

Scene Points: Iraq's Casualties
I had a great column on political music planned for this week, but you're not going to see that column. I couldn't listen to any political music this weekend, because my iPod had "Fond Farewell" by Elliott Smith on repeat.

I couldn't think about the war in Iraq or the anti-war, anti-Bush movements. Hell, I bailed on a date where we were going to see the new Jake Gyllenhaal flick "Jarhead." All my plans were overshadowed when my best friend from back home in Nebraska phoned.

From the Edge: Editorial
Americans don't realize how good they have it. This is a cliche statement. But perhaps there is a reason it's so often spoken -- it's true. Our government does not authorize the rape of women as a weapon to use against political dissenters.

When an American father leaves the house to get medicine for his sick children, all he has to do is drive a few blocks to Walgreen's. He never has to fear government soldiers will shoot him as he purchases Tylenol to break his baby's fever.

RC Helicopters

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