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Top 5: Ways to get your parents to give you money

 published on Thursday, November 3, 2005



1. Send your parents a letter from ASU in the
"letter from summer camp" style: "Dear Mom and Dad,
ASU is fun and classes are great. The only problems are
the heat, the unsanitary dorm room conditions and
the total lack of sleep due to constant partying ... I mean,
studying. Please send a care package ..."

2. Invite your parents over for a fancy
dinner to celebrate their anniversary/
birthday/whatever. Serve them Easy Mac and
Ramen noodles and explain that's all your $10.50-a-week
food budget could afford for their meal.

3. Explain to your parents that as a part of
your business class project you were required
to invest money into a "potentially risky venture," and
that yours fell through. Don't mention that your risky
venture involved a drunken poker game.

4. Tell your parents that you miss them
immensely and that even though they are busy,
you want to see them. Mention that this could be over an
expensive meal, a shopping spree or, if they're really
short on time, a quick trip to the ATM.

5. Inform your parents that you've been
forced to get a part-time job so that you
can pay your rent. Say that you don't want to burden
them, but you'd like their input on where you should
work. "So, Hooters or Babe's Cabaret, Mom?"

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