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Scene Points: Scene Stuff

 by Chelsea Ide  published on Thursday, October 27, 2005



I started "Scene Points" with the intention of helping regular people understand what audiophiles are talking about and why they're so obsessed. But not all of you are in the dark. Several people have commented on the pun in the name of this column -- scene points are a joke.

It's a way for people to make fun of the kids at shows who clearly are just trying too hard. These "scenesters" are known to go to shows of bands they've never heard of solely to appear "in the know." So, we (sane, quasi-elitists) make scene point jokes at their expense, things like: "Ooo, white belt and fashion hair: 15 scene points" and "He just lost 20 scene points for that half-assed spin-kick."

It's not that these kids are bad people, just that they're trying too hard to be cool. And the essence of cool is accepting who you are. I know that sounds very after-school-special, but it's true. If you take time to think of iconic figures of "cool" (people like the Fonz), you'll see that they never let others dictate who they are. They are themselves and don't apologize for it, and that's why everyone loves them.

So, this column tries to be interesting for casual music listeners and the music junkies out there. Lately, however, the latter has been clamoring for certain bands to get love either in this column or elsewhere on this page. While I like to think I've got a decent handle on things here, I'm curious what you guys are into. So, I've decided to give you a chance to pick the content for this page.

Welcome to the first "Scene Points' Reader Poll." Oh yes, not only will I run the winners, but I promise that whichever band receives the most votes for "Best Local Band" will be featured in "Local Limelight" (if they haven't already).

You can either drop off the filled out form at The State Press front desk in the Matthews Center basement, or you can e-mail your responses to Please make the subject of your e-mail "Scene Points" to be sure your votes are counted.

Sound like a good deal? Good, then without further ado, I give you the...


Best Local Band

Best Album of 2005

Worst Album of 2005

Best Local Venue

Worst Local Venue

Best Bar Jukebox

Best Local DJ

Best dance party (club)

Worst dance party (club)

Band that needs to call it quits

Band that needs to comeback

Best record store

Worst record store

Best album to "put you in the mood"

The next big thing

Music trend that needs to die

Best Hip-Hop Artist

Best Rock Band

Best hardcore or metal band

Best indie band

Reach the reporter, who does not collect scene points, at

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