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Local Limelight: Q&A with Army of Robots

 by Stephanie Berger
 published on Thursday, October 27, 2005

<em>Photo courtesy of Army of Robots</em>/issues/arts/694603
Photo courtesy of Army of Robots


With the name Army of Robots and a lead singer who goes by the nickname Daggrr, unsuspecting music fans might expect this Tempe band to be hard rock and screaming. But the band, which started in 1999 as a solo project of lead singer Lawrence "Daggrr" Hearne and expanded to the five-member group, describes itself as "pop-rock with electronics" and "new-wavy dance music." With the release of its first full-length album Secret to Everybody in February and the production of its second album underway, Hearne took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to tell SPM more.

SPM: Where did the name Army of Robots come from?

Hearne: There's no real back story to the name, unfortunately. Everybody loves robots. It seemed like something that was vague enough that when you heard it you didn't think it was a certain kind of band, so we would never get pigeonholed into a certain type of genre.

SPM: So where did your nickname Daggrr come from, then?

Hearne: It's a nickname that my friend gave me. We were joking around and he said that I needed a rock 'n' roll name. I thought it was ridiculous, but it got around. I figured it was my one-and-only shot at having a one-word name, so I might as well embrace it.

SPM: What are the best and worst parts of being in a band?

Hearne: The best thing is the creative outlet and being able to perform. I used to act, and I figured music was a better way to go, because you have to go three months before you can do three nights for a play, but with a band you can perform and be on stage all the time. The worst thing is that it's a lot of work, it takes a lot of time, you have to make a lot of personal sacrifices if you want to make it fly and it's really, really expensive.

SPM: If you were a robot, what would your non-human capabilities be?

Hearne: I'd have chainsaw arms. And I would use them for evil, definitely. Evil's more fun.

SPM: If the band were in an army, what country would you invade first?

Hearne: Canada, because they really know how to party. I figure they'd probably welcome us with open arms, nobody would get hurt, and we'd end up having a really good time and get really messed up.

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