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Crow supports expanded Greek Life

Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
Members of the sorority Alpha Phi cheer on their sisters during the Sparky's Showdown dodgeball tournament Wednesday.
ASU President Michael Crow supported an expanded Greek Life community at a reception Wednesday, hoping to convince more students to live on campus, which studies show would raise graduation rates.

The Threshold Project, a concept proposed by current and former Greeks, would provide the University with a new Greek housing community that would consume most of the north side of campus. The community would include all Greek houses, a student recreation center, retail space, University offices, a hotel and parking.

Students call Congressmen

Students called their congressmen from Hayden Lawn Wednesday as ASU's Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate and Professional Student Association hosted a Stop the Raid on Student Aid protest.

Officials from both organizations stopped students to give them information packets about their congressmen and upcoming bills that would cut federal funding of student aid programs.

Legislators come to campus

Students should get involved in lobbying if they want to change state policies, state legislators told more than 50 students Wednesday evening. A director from the Arizona Students Association, two state legislators and a state senator visited with students to speak about the impact of lobbying.

The event, held in the Agriculture Building, was the first of several sessions to teach students how to communicate with state lawmakers and was hosted by the Undergraduate Student Government.

Football: Patchwork O-line must contend with Washington

The news isn't good on the ASU football injury front. ASU coach Dirk Koetter said that center Grayling Love and right tackle Andrew Carnahan will miss Saturday's game against Washington. Love has his left foot in a boot, and Carnahan has a dislocated right wrist.

Leo Talavou is wearing an orange non-contact jersey and is day-to-day. Sophomore Mike Pollak will start at center, Robert Gustavis will play right guard and Chaz White will stay at right tackle.

Women's Hoops: Devils looking for smooth sailing at point guard

When an icon leaves a team, it's not too often that their replacement can grab hold of the wheel and steer.

Get it Out

Jacie* lounges comfortably on a cream-colored leather chair just weeks before she will have the sexual reassignment surgery necessary for her to become a woman. The political science and history sophomore pushes back her dark, red-highlighted hair as she recalls how a fundamentalist Christian counselor caused her a painful bout of depression and self-doubt over her status as a male-to-female transsexual.

"Doctors aren't supposed to fuck with your head and play games," Jacie says. "That's nowhere in the Hippocratic oath."

Her feminine voice rises in volume as she describes the mental scars the therapy left behind.

On Campus: The Long Way

Rosa Garcia, petite and dark-haired, doesn't let longboarding get in the way of her wardrobe. When Garcia gets on her longboard, she'll sometimes opt to wear skirts and sandals instead of baggy clothing and skater shoes.

Top 5: Worst Halloween Costumes

1. The Naughty Schoolgirl: Can we get over the schoolgirl costume already? If you must show all, be Daisy Duke this year - much trendier and more original.
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