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The bells are back in town

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS
Mike Trethowan, a technichian for Mass-Rowe Carilons, Inc, installs the ASU Carillon bells in the Zuni room of the Memorial Union. The Carillon bells have been part of ASU since 1966. The first person to play the bells and former ASU student, Linda Vogel Yarbrough, will play them in their new home after a dedication ceremony this Friday.
Bells will be ringing in Tempe Friday when ASU's newly renovated symphonic carillon returns to campus.

Students and faculty may remember the instrument, a set of 148 chimes played by a keyboard, as the bells that played medleys every hour, on the hour, until last October. But the instrument has a longer history than that - it was originally purchased by the Associated Students of ASU in 1966 for $25,000.

The amplified sound of the chimes, which are tuned to sound like larger bells, was projected from speakers atop Matthews Center until the carillon fell out of use.

O'Connor gets ethics award

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor emphasized the need to develop self-restraint and ethical values "in these uncertain times" during a luncheon Saturday where she received the Joan and David Lincoln Award for Public Virtue.

ASU trying to boost interest in math

To bridge a perceived gap between students entering math, science and engineering fields in the U.S. and those pursuing them in other industrialized countries, ASU has used outreach programs to spark student interest in the subjects.

A study released Oct. 12 by the National Academies, a consortium that includes the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council, shows that 600,000 engineers graduated from Chinese universities and 350,000 graduated from institutes of higher education in India in 2004. Only 70,000 students completed such degrees in the U.S. the same year.

Koetter: I'm totally at a loss

PALO ALTO, Calif. - The phrase "Not as close as the final score indicated" is often tossed around too generously.

But no description -cliche or otherwise - of the ASU football team's 45-35 loss at Stanford on Saturday fits better. Even the final statistics looked deceiving, as the Sun Devils outgained the Cardinal 528 yards to 369.

Punting game hurts Sun Devils ... again

Dirk Koetter has said for two years that Jason Burke is the best collegiate long snapper he's ever seen.

During ASU's 45-35 loss at Stanford Saturday, the sentiment made by the Sun Devils' head coach took on new meaning.

Finding Shelter

On any given night, there are 3,000 homeless men, women and children roaming the streets of Maricopa County, searching for a place to spend the night. For one night, I was among 30 women who found refuge in a temporary shelter.

Bar Scene: (Un)Happy Hour

My heart races as I make my way down Mill Avenue to the Library Bar and Grill. I come upon the neon Library sign and stare with uncertainty.

On Stage: Acting Out

Just in time for the Arizona State Fair, a small-scale carnival appeared in front of the Memorial Union on Oct. 11. But though it was complete with clowns and classical carnival music, this "New American University Carnival Extravaganza" was not what the average fairgoer would expect.
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