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Fashion: Hot or Not

We've told you what we like; this week SPM hits the streets to see if you agree

 by Mani O'Brien
 published on Thursday, October 20, 2005


Tzu Okoroh, a family studies junior, is not impressed by girls who let their asses hang out.

"Generally, I like girls who are not that obvious in trying to display their body; girls are beautiful creatures anyway," he says.

Okoroh had a list of things he doesn't like to see women wear.

"I am sick and tired of wiper pants," he says. (SPM is pretty sure he means cotton gaucho pants.)

"On a campus where there are 50,000 students, I see at least 20,000 girls with the same pants on. Guys like diversity, something different every once in a while," he says.

Okoroh looks for girls who are confident, who dress in clothing that makes them feel comfortable, not to impress someone else.

Okoroh gave SPM a renewed sense of beauty, but then we ran into David Destefano. Destefano, a journalism sophomore, looks for one thing in a girl.

"I love blondes," he says.

He says his ideal outfit on a girl is "a short schoolgirl skirt, high shoes, skimpy top that shows cleavage. The shirt should be high enough so you can see her pierced belly button."

Jacqueline Victoria Mealon, an art sophomore, knows exactly what she wants her guy to look like.

"I'm mostly into fashion guys," she says.

Mealon looks for guys with "ridiculous hair" who wear designer jeans, preferably True Religion, and anything vintage.

"No baggy pants, I hate baggy pants," she adds.

Doug Depker, a business administration senior, knows what styles he likes on girls.

"I like it when girls wear a long-sleeved button-down shirt with a collar," he says.

But the long-sleeved shirts have to have a pattern or lace on them, he says.

"Not the guy kind, but the girl kind with girly things," Depker says.

Depker also likes "hot girl sunglasses," rimless shades that fade as they go up, he says.

"They make girls look hot even if they're not," he says.

One thing that students agreed upon was wearing casual clothing for school.

"People shouldn't be dressed like they are going to a club or to a pimps and hos party," says Kunal Patel, a broadcast journalism senior.

What else are you guys into? Well, pretty much everything, and some of your replies were pretty funny. Here are some of our favorites:


"Leg warmers with a skirt are pretty hot. This one girl that I hooked up with in Mexico was wearing these one time. They were hot, but I was drunk, so I don't know."

"I like girls that wear wife beaters, so simple yet attractive."


"Socks with sandals? What is with that?"

"I'm sick and tired of everyone being blonde, not everyone should be blonde."

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