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Local Limelight: Q&A with The Cover Up

 by Mani O'Brien
 published on Thursday, October 20, 2005

<em>Photo by Tim Harmon for The Cover Up</em>/issues/arts/694476
Photo by Tim Harmon for The Cover Up


The Cover Up has been together more than two years, touring the West Coast for the first time earlier this year. Members include vocalist Joe Cotela, drummer Matt Reinhard, guitarists Steve Siminski and Marc Hernandez (aka "Spank"), and bassist Justyn Sena. They took time out of practice to chat with SPM last week about run-ins with police, part-time jobs and body image.

SPM: You guys talk about helping to put Arizona on the map as far as music goes, tell me about the Arizona music scene and what you do to help.

Cotela: It's awesome, there's a lot of really good bands right now. We feel like we are writing good, honest music and that other bands are doing that as well. A lot of bands are really blowing up; they are just working harder, doing better recordings. I guess we are doing our part to write good music to contribute to the music scene.

SPM: What is the biggest adventure you've been on together?

Siminski: A lot of the driving has been unfortunate for us [on tour] . . . We spent hours in traffic in Albuquerque, went driving through blizzard in the Rocky Mountains and the police.

SPM: Oh yeah, what happened?

Siminski: In Utah, some of the guys were smoking an illegal substance and being kind of loud. So a cop rolled up and checked us out and found marijuana in the car and fireworks. So we ended up back to Utah for an unplanned trip. The cops are pretty cool, we'll give them copies of our CDs. So, most of the Utah cops are fans now.

SPM: Do you guys have jobs on the side? Who's got the lamest job?

Hernandez: All of us, we all have part-time jobs. Justyn, Joe and myself work in retail at the mall. I work at No Fear, Joe works at Industrial and Justyn works at Journeys. Matt and Steve both work at Barro's Pizza, they're delivery boys.

SPM: What's the most interesting thing someone has said to you about your music?

Reinhard: The most interesting thing that someone has said to us recently was girl said who said that the Cover Up makes her cum, and I think she was serious, too... that's pretty fucking sexy.

SPM: Is this your lifelong career goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Reinhard: We all cannot wait to quit our jobs, 10 years from now we'll probably still be playing music, doing the band thing. We'll probably be in movies because we're movie stars.

SPM: Are you serious?

Reinhard: No, but we have the potential to be. You know, I couldn't really speak for anyone else; I know I'd still be playing music. I try not to think about what life would be like if this didn't work out.

SPM: What is your favorite part about being in a band and doing what you do?

Sena: Being inspired by my best friends. When we're writing music, everyone brings something very real to our music. There is never a dull moment being in the band, everything gets better all the time. We've all been best friends for so long, there's a good chemistry between all of us, we learn and grow off of each other, it's like taking the best friends thing and taking it to a whole new level.

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